• Mon, Sep 19 2005

Egg Pricker

zy23000tmSo, if you’re one of those people who have difficulty boiling an egg, then here is the tool for you. It pokes a tiny little hole in your egg shell, smaller than you could ever do it, and there you go – no cracked eggs when boiled.

Of course, if you boiled the egg properly by not dropping it into the hot water, but rather covering the egg in cold water, then boil, you wouldn’t have this problem. :)

Available at tabletools.com
Via OhGizmo!

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  • Jim Kane

    How does the egg pricker work? Do you place the egg over the prick or does the prick penetrate the egg shell by a lever device?

  • Jeremy Wright

    Place the egg in the holder, then prick the top (it’s sharp, so it goes in pretty easy) :)