• Sun, Oct 9 2005

Dyslexia and Blog of the Week: Myomancy

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This week’s featured blog is Myomancy written by Chris Tregenza who first realized he was dyslexic upon attending a summer school for dyslexic children when he was about ten or eleven years old. Myomancy is a treasure trove of information on dyslexia, autism, and ADD/ADHD. Most interestingly, Chris is able to use his personal experience to distinguish what is helpful and useful.

In a recent post on dyslexia as a gift, he wrote:

I’ve never felt dyslexia was a gift. School was hell and when I left school I struggled in the world of work. I couldn’t draw or play musical instruments or study science no matter how hard I tried. My dyslexia held me back and since I’ve got rid of my dyslexia I can now draw, play instruments and spell complicated words. I’m not very good at any of them yet but I am getting better.

For anyone interested in dyslexia, Myomancy is an informative place to visit. The post, Genetics and Learning Disabilities, might be of special interest to readers of the Genetics and Public Health Blog.

For more information on dyslexia, please see:

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  • http://www.aboutweblogs.com/beauty/ CC Jones

    Thank you for this, Lei–I am in the LONG process of having my son tested for dyslexia, and am always on the search for more information about it!

  • http://www.aboutweblogs.com/genetics/ Lei

    Christina, Glad to provide more info. :) I hope you guys find a solution soon.

  • http://dyslexiamodification.com George T. Manilla, MD

    Contrary to current beliefs, Dyslexia is easily diagnosed and treated. I only require three separate one hour to one half hour visits, free of charge. The first if for the eye exercise, the second is for the new reading method required of dyslexics and third is for writing, reading maps, telephone directories, dictionaries etc. The cause and treatment is at: http://www.dyslexiamodification.com.