• Wed, Dec 28 2005

OpenCourseWare Finder

OpenCourseWare FinderOne of the greatest benefits that the Internet has provided me was the opportunity to teach myself a new career when my old one grew tiresome. Through a couple of years of self-directed education, I was able to develop the skills and knowledge to become a web developer.

There are tons of resources available online for the self-learner and some of the coolest are the OpenCourseWare lecture materials that are offered up by numerous institutions of higher learning. David Wiley of the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning has developed an online utility called the OpenCourseWare Finder which can list and narrow down courses from a number of diverse collections.

David’s system is designed to provide excellent navigation, something that a number of the originating web sites miss. At present, OCW Finder features listings of the courses from the following schools…

You can find the OpenCourseWare Finder here.

[via Lifehack.org]

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