Toy Creation of the Week #10: Cardboard Box Car

Reader Anny wrote to tell us about a rocking party they had for toddlers that was really an auto-making workshop in disguise. Click on the thumbnails to see the adorable cardboard boxes children and their parents made. It’s sure to be a hit at your next party. Thanks for sharing, Anny!

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    • Shai

      Hey – I was just thinking of making one of these things today (inspired by Hi-5). Looks great! :-)

    • Lei

      Hi Shai! I’m going to have plenty of opportunities to try this out with all our moving boxes. :D

    • debbie lutz

      We do this every year for the Sunday School kids. We have “drive-in” movie night and the kids first make a car, then they like to sit in their car, each hot dogs, then watch a movie – this year it is “Cars”. How appropriate and fun!

    • Brandon

      We own the patent on and are getting ready to release an out of box.. lol. car that is sturdy easy to put together and lots of fun for kids. check it out at