• Tue, Jan 17 2006

Cooking Things the Slow Way

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is one of the things that’s on my kitchen counter right now. It’s red and has been used just once.

I have to confess I have 2 others in the basement, gifts from long ago that unfortunately I have not found a good use for. This new red one is again a gift… this time, I’m rather excited to use it more often. The difference is that its stone cooker is removable and easier to clean than the other two. And, I actually made something with it that didn’t involve using onion soup mixes!

I really would like to get more out of my slow cooker. I like it that I can simply put all the ingredients in one pot and forget about it till dinner time.

Phyllis Pellman Good and Dawn J. Ranck’s cookbook, “Fix It and Forget It Cookbook: Feasting With Your Slow Cooker”, seems to be a promising reference for more recipes. The book’s 800+ dishes were chosen from more than 2000 submitted to the authors by home cooks.

According to Good, the folks who contributed recipes to “Fix It and Forget It” tend to be busy people who want to save time and money.

For the novice or the veteran cook, a slow cooker virtually guarantees less-stress cooking, easy cleanup and does not require advanced culinary skill or complicated food preparation. The appliance also uses less energy than a stove and incorporates common pantry items and less costly cuts of meat, Good said.

Instead, the recipes come from “regular people” who love to cook and take comfort in seeing the people they love eating a good meal, Good said.

For information on slow cookers and food safety from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, click here.

[Source: The Daily News-Record]

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  • http://coryaldrich.blogs.com Bald Man

    My wife and I can vouch for the book. Several tasty recipes in it. They also have a “light” cookbook, which we recently picked up but have yet to try.

  • http://www.keepingthecastle.com/ Maricar

    Thanks for leaving your review of the book! It’s always helpful to know that a cookbook has been tried and tested. If you find that the “light” version is also good, please let me know and I’ll write an entry about it.

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