• Fri, Feb 3 2006

When Fashion and Craft Collide

When I think about crafts and their connection to today’s fashions, I’m reminded of that song, “It’s Hip to Be Square.” At one time, crafts (like beading and jewelry making) were either for children playing with plastic beads or old ladies with crochet hooks in hand. But, today, hand-crafted fashions – jewelry, hats, purses, and clothing – are not only more appreciated, they are highly prized.

In fact, what’s even cooler than owning a piece of hand-crafted fashion merchandise is to construct your own fashion statement – literally.

I remember growing up and my mom made most of my clothing. At the time, she did it because it was economical and I was a scrawny hard-to-fit kid. I was actually embarrassed sometimes because I felt hand made clothing marked me in a way; I wasn’t good enough to have something mass produced and purchased from a store.

It wasn’t until I grew up and realized half the enjoyment of fashion is making it yourself: Picking out a pattern, materials, and notions to sew your own dress; shopping for beautiful beads and components to make a necklace; crocheting sumptuous yarns into your own hand bag.

Today, it’s hip to be crafty and fashionable at the same time!

(This post is part of the “The State of the Fashion Union” – Find out the details at Almost Girl and FashionTribes.com).

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