Themed Wedding: Lord of The Rings

I love themed weddings and I especially love it when couples go that extra mile to make it as close to the actual thing as possible. A perfect example is the Lord of The Rings wedding held in the Philippines two years ago:



The Couple


Under a blanket of trees


LOTR Wedding




Cake Plate


Ring and coin bearers aka Frodo and Sam. Cute!


The Bridesmaids


The Groomsmen

Lorie & Nathan: The Wedding
One Ring to Show Our Love
One Ring to Bind Us
One Ring to Seal our Love
And Forever to Entwine Us. 

It is quite obvious the amount of effor the couple went through to achieve their dream wedding theme from the invites, the outfits of the entourage (and even the wedding planners!) down to the decors and accessories. It’s awesome!

Photos were taken by a talented friend and photographer, Auey Santos. Go Auey!

More photos HERE.

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    • myles reyes

      hi! my name is myles. i was just wondering if you guys are still here in the philippines.. we would really love to get in touch with you guys for an interview regarding your wonderful wedding.

      this is my number: 0917-3787270. thanks!

    • richard stewart

      hi! my name is Rich and my fiancee and I were planning a wedding similiar to yours. I was wondering if you had any tips or helpful ideas for us in planning such an event. please let me know if you do. the wedding is Oct 5 2007…any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much and congratulations on your beautiful wedding! – Rich Stewart

    • lottie

      sorry but professor tolkien first herd about people theming wedding around his book and he was extreamly upset by this so it looked a good time but pointing it out

    • Jessica

      To lottie and others,

      I have found nothing to prove or disprove your statement about Tolkien’s opinion of themed weddings. However, taking into account the fact that Tolkien was a devout Catholic, it would not surprise me in the least that he would find anything that deviated from tradition a sacrilege in a religious ceremony. It is not disrespectful to Tolkien, God, or anyone else to have a themed wedding however. Simply mind that you focus on the fact that it is a marriage taking place first and all the other details are sides. But a themed wedding is no more disrespectful than a traditional wedding in principle. So I say do what you want to do for that day. I am including LOTR themed elements in my wedding and have no regrets about it.

    • LoTR fan


      you are dorks.

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    • mike

      amazing and bizarre. congratulations

    • Becky

      What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I’m doing a lightly themed LOTR wedding. I wish I could afford to go all out like you did, but it’s very inspiring to see what you have done! Congratulations and much love!

    • Steve McGuire

      My wife & I are avid fans of LOTR. We LOVE the wedding. We also have a question. We were thinking of renewing our vows in a similar manner. We recognized this:
      One Ring to Show Our Love
      One Ring to Bind Us
      One Ring to Seal our Love
      And Forever to Entwine Us.
      It is a translation of a High Elvish inscription on One Ring wedding bands we once saw in a LOTR jewelry order catalog. We have been trying to find these, but cannot seem to find them anywhere. Were these used in this wedding? If so, does anyone know where we can locate them? Or maybe just have a copy of the High Elvish script for this so we can have it engraved on our current wedding bands? If you do, please e-mail me with them! Thank you!

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    • Bartie

      Wow… that is such a neat wedding! I’m an LOTR fan too and would love to be an Arwen bride. By the way, for those who might be interested in getting more ideas for a LOTR themed wedding, check out this cool site I found:

      It has also other unique wedding themes… even a Narnian themed wedding. So out of the box!

    • millie

      wow arwen and aragorn as Filipinos look ridiculous

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