Living in a Pyramid in Seattle

Living in a Pyramid in SeattleOne of the taller buildings in downtown Seattle is the Smith Tower, which features a pyramid at its peak. The space in the pyramid used to be the caretaker’s suite and an enclosure for an old water tower.

Then someone was able to secure a 40-year lease for the space. That tenant hired the local Castanes Architects firm and they proceeded to turn the place into a very cool and funky apartment.

Living in a Pyramid in Seattle

If you head on over to Seattle Unusual Homes here, you’ll find a few more photos of the space. Definitely one of a kind. I love the windows and I bet the views are awesome.

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    • Sally Green

      It just never ceases to amaze me how there is such diversity in the homes in which people live in. I visited Capadoccia once (really an amazing place) and saw how people, even to this day, live in caves. In fact there’s an 18 storey underground city there that some centuries ago housed thousands of people and protected them fro mthe Romain invaders!!! But evben today there are some around the world that live in underground homes. For example, this is true in Coober Pedy (the so-called opal capital of the world) where it’s so hot that people build there homes below ground for cooler and much more stable temperatures. I have to say that if I had the choice of living in either the Smith Tower’s pyramid in a beow-ground home, I guess I’d choose the latter…..I’m just terrified of heights!

    • Marlow Harris

      Thanks for the mention! I hadn’t seen your website before. It’s great! My hobby and interests are in unusual homes and strange places and I’m glad to see another resource on the web.

    • Sally Green

      Hi Marlow if you like strange places checkout Capadoccia and Coober Pedy. I myself haven’t been to Coober Pedy but have heard a bit about the place. I’ve been to Capadoccia and have lots of great memories of the place. I think that there’s a scene in one of the Star Wars movies taken there. It’s awesome. I enjoyed reading your posts about your hobby and interests are in unusual homes. It’s really different.

    • Kevin Humphrey

      Sally – Thanks. I was aware of Coober Pedy and other spots like it in Australia but I hadn’t heard of Capadoccia before. Very cool.

      Marlow – You’re welcome and it’s a pleasure. I’ve been a fan of your site for quite a while. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Adelle

      I remember when they started that rennovation of the Smith Tower – I lived in Seattle then. They had a TV crew come in and show what they were doing and you are right – the view is fabulous. It is just a really awesome place to live.

      Did you know that, once upon a time, the Smith Tower was the tallest building west of the Rockies?

    • Kevin Humphrey

      When was it that they did the reno there, Adelle? I was living in Vancouver in the early ’90s and I seem to recall having seen something in regards to the Smith Tower from that time.