iDog Instruction Manual

White - Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving CanineA couple of days ago, we received an iDog that I absolutely love. In fact, I think I’m more in love with it than my son who insists on keeping him in a box with the Robo Pet, the iDog’s “mommy”.

Like all good parents (ha!), I read the iDog manual but it both had too much detail and not enough instructions. They were listing all the different light patterns but didn’t explain how to interact with the dog besides “feeding” it music every hour to keep it “happy.”

One night, when my son was playing with it a lot, it suddenly burst into a techno song. I didn’t know the iDog was capable of anything other than making little barking, purring, doggy sounds, and acting as a speaker if it was plugged into a player. I tried to get the iDog to play a song again the next day and it refused. Darn dog.

By now, the manual was long lost so I had to go online to find one. All the ones I found were English translations of the Japanese manual which doesn’t help because the Japanese iDog is more sophisticated with different features. Finally, I found the manual (pdf) at Hasbro. Reading it again didn’t help but visiting the Tiger Toys promo did.

To get the doggy to play its own tune, you have to push his button nose many times quickly in rapid succession. It’s considered a “surprise” bonus feature. But, he won’t play his music for you just because you ask. You have to have been feeding him a large amount of music AND “petting” his head often by stroking the top of his head where there is a touch sensor that looks like a small hole.

After pampering him this way, he’ll play his music for you. The music is catchy and my son loves to jive to it so it’s worth the bit of work to figure it out. Most people who’ve bought iDog seem to have missed out on this feature based on their reviews at places like Amazon and in their blogs. So, if you’re one of them, I hope this will help you enjoy your iDog even more!

25th Birthday Musical CelebrationAs we speak, he’s sitting on top of our TV with his lights flashing, occasionally whimpering, head turning from side to side, and ears going up and down. Sesame Street appears to please the canine soul.

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    • auntieannie2

      Hi, loved your description of you idog experience. I have the japanese idog and cannot read the manual, as it is in chinese or japanese. Where did you find the Englich translation for the japanese idog? Would appreciate the link or an e-mail with the english translation of the manual. Thanks loads.

    • Hsien-Hsien Lei

      auntieannie2: Here’s the link to an English translation of the Japanese iDog manual (I’ve emailed it to you too :) ).

    • Chris

      IS there a difference in the user manual from the I dog and the i dog puppy ? Please let me know.

    • Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Chris: Sorry, I don’t know. I’ve only played with the original American version of the iDog.

    • Leanna

      Hi i have an idog and i think the batteries are dead and there is no way i can figure out how to change them if nee one knows plese email me at thanks.

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    • Josie

      Yeah, umm… I got my iDog a long, long time ago. He hasn’t been used in some time, and only recently did I put batteries in him (I’m not cruel -my “real” dog chewed my iPod). He listens to music just fine (in fact, he’s dancing on my desk right now) but I don’t think his motion sensors are working. I’ve spent several minutes at a time waving my hand over both the one on his mouth and head, as well as pressing my fingers to each, but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s bothering me, because (in my knowledge) nothing has happened to him to cause this. Could it be dust, or should I consider my iDog broken?

      I’ve already tried blowing in both holes to clear them if it IS dust, but…

    • Lenka

      I just “adopted” the i-Dog from my friend who got it as a gift a while back and never used it except for the first time he got him. I’ve been trying to give him lots of music, love and attention, but I also think that the motion sensor does not work, since nothing happens no matter how much I try to waive my hand over his head. Since he has also been sitting on a desk without being played with for a while, I wonder if that is a common problem with them and if he will never play his cool techno song for me :(

      How much time and music does it take for the i-Dog to surprise you with his bonus song?

    • Josie

      Holy crap! Two people, one problem! Is this ENLIGHTENMENT!?

      Someone fix our dogs. >.

    • Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Waving my hand above the sensor at the top of the iDog’s head doesn’t work for me. What you have to do is lightly stroke or tap the little pinhole for it to do the happy clicking sound. Enough of that in addition to pushing the button nose should get you the techno sound after at least 10-15 minutes of play. Although it can be unpredictable.

    • Ally

      My iDog actually has the same problem with the motion sensor…
      its not working even after tapping it… help?
      thanks! =]

    • Melissa

      The sensor on the head is very picky. For example, I have to have light shining directly on the pinhole and then wave something over the pinhole. I also have one of the first American I-Dogs. He’s cute but very temperamental.

    • LJ

      I recently got an Idog as a birthday gift.. and I’ve had it plugged into my Ipod for a while now.. the speaker works fine, and it seems to dance quite a bit, but I’ve as yet seen no ‘lights’ on the face, nor have I heard any ‘barking’.

      Is it just that it hasn’t been fed enough, or is it broke?

    • Hsien Lei

      LJ, Sounds like your iDog is broken because even if it’s just plugged in as a speaker, it should have lights flashing. It should bark when you pet its head.

    • mikaila

      i have i got my doughter an idog pup. She lost the manul so can you post it on this site?

    • Bethany

      I didn’t take very good care of my idog. haha, it ran out of batteries and when I put new ones in it won’t turn on!?!?! so I started to look for my instructions, and now I can’t find them. So I’m stuck with this toy that doesn’t even work… but I don’t want to give up on it. Can ANYONE help me?!

    • Gizmo

      I got a problem.I just recently got myself a Idog
      and when i put the batteries in everything looks fine,until after some Min. he suddenly goes NUTS!!!
      i am serious.he starts evnts keeps doing thos songs
      keeps doing that sound when you push its nose
      and the only way to stop it is to pull out the batteries…..So,is my idog beyond repair or is it possible to fix it? Please email me ASAP,PLEASE!

    • IER

      My iDog is playing happy techno music right this minute! x)

    • IER

      Oh and btw. what does it mean when you press his tail and he growls? Does it mean he’s angry? :| And also what are the special colour things that i remember, for each type of music he likes? >.

    • Gizmo

      yep,it means hes angry.and he wont say nothing
      for 5 min or so.the special colour things….i dont know the names of them

    • HALP

      how long are idogs typically sick for? is there any way to make mine un-sick faster? i’ve had him for about a month, worked just fine for the first five days and he’s been sick ever since. :(

    • masih

      Why isnt my idog playing music.Why isnt it ever

    • http://none Tamra P.

      THANK YOU! this was SO helpful! my iDog’s motion sensor was being weird, so i shone a light into it and then pet its head, and it worked! my little pup is singin’ hip-hop right now!

    • Sunnie

      My idog will not come on! I’ve bought new batteries for him, but she still won’t play any music for me! I need help!

    • Sunnie

      okay i got my idog to play music,wiggle his ears,and shake his head but the colors on his face wont change colors!he has a purple do in the middle of his face and red all around it! it used to flash blue,red, and all the other colors.
      HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Connie

      Idog was a gift for my daughter. It played music one time for one song and now it won’t play again. I have given it new batteries, and hit the reset button, nothing happens! Help!!!!

    • Ginny

      How do you get the idog to turn off??? She makes too many noises. HELP

    • Savanna

      I have an i-dog i was petting it and it played two songs,i tried it again but it never plays the song
      I lost the manule help!!!

    • Savanna

      By the waty if any one has a manule e-mail me at

    • Savanna

      need help e-mail me at
      want i-dog stuff go to

    • Louise

      I bought one of those new fancy pants i-dogs. The kind that will tap it’s foot while playing music. I know there is a way to get him to stop tapping his foot cuz the noise is annoying but i lost the manual. Can someone remind me how to get him to hold still?

    • Amy

      I bought one of those new fancy pants i-dogs. The kind that will tap it’s foot while playing music. I know there is a way to get him to stop tapping his foot cuz the noise is annoying but i lost the manual. Can someone remind me how to get him to hold still and not bark?

    • Ashleigh

      Hey There!
      Just About To Buy An I-Dog ,But I’m Not Sure How I Would Plug My IPod Into It (e.g. Do You Plug In The Speakers Or The Cable For The Computer Or The Headphones?)Or Do You Have To Buy Another Part? !

      Please Help Me


    • brianna

      MY idog wont turn on either! I got it this last x-mas and it worked fine for a few days then it stopped working! I put new battiers in and tried to reset it but still nothing! Can any one help or as i’m seeing no one knows the answer.

    • Claude

      The user manual to the iDog and the iDog pup are so not the same! I’ve got an iDog pup!

    • sydney

      I was listening to my I-dog and then it just stopped playing music or making any sounds for that matter. The lights work and everything…but it’s like his speakers dont work anymore……any help here please ^_^

    • mika

      i adopted my idog from my best friend and when i play songs he dosent move besides the lights can someone help me and tell me what to do thank you

    • Ami

      I dont understand how to plug my mp3 into the iDog! Do u need a special cord thing?

    • Ami

      I think I have the pup. Cuz its kinda mini.

    • Ami

      The mouth one is where you “feed him music”(thats why its by his mouth) the one on his head is where you pet him. To pet him you have to actually pet the hole.

    • Ami

      Gizmo:When you 1st get them they r hyper.(S)He’ll calm down soon.

    • hank

      The iDog will only play music if you play with it and feed it music.

    • tessa

      i had an American version idog. Most of time, I use it as a speaker. The movement and noisy sound he makes when it responses to the music annoy me very much. Is there any way can forbid it making any movements (head shaking)and noisy sound?

    • niamhstar14

      I got an idog for my birthday last year, workied fine until about 8 months ago and then got really messed up. whenever i turned it on, it would turn itself off and on for infinity until i took the batteries out. yesterday tho i decided to try again and put new batteries in, nothing happened. BUT, i plugged the little connect-2-mp3-player cord thingy in, and lo and behold, it turns on and is fine again! it is very cool. was it sick or something?

      tessa: Nope. Not unless you stop feeding your dog music (or turn it off), neither of which will make it happy, and that defeats the whole purpose.

    • liltroysgrl

      hey my daughter just got a pink idog for her bday and i threw away the manual like an idiot lol. weve been feeding it and playing with it but it doesnt have a sensor on its head. it has one on the bottom of its chin anyone know what thats for and what all the different flashing means!

    • jennifer

      i just purchased spidog and he hasn’t yet played his song,do i continue petting his head?oh ya my 2 yr old son wont leave his tail alone!!will he not do his song because of his tail being pulled???help please.thank you

    • KIAN

      I love the I dog I just don’t know how to record stuff like my voice

    • Gizmof

      Umm,it cant record things,its basicly a speaker that acts like a pet dog

    • Madeline

      I think if you want the song to play, you push the nose twice, but I have the old IDog. I think it’s supposed to sound like its mood.

    • EMILY

      hey everyone i find my dog is alot happier whenever i SING to her instead of letting her listen to music do you know if its because i sing well or maybe because she doesnt like my music she loves when i sing love story by taylor swift and without you by hinder

    • redeux

      i found a dog someone had tossed , batteries were dead , found your site and the manual , hes now twitching and freaking to katulu and several other tunes… thanks…

    • http://google Lukr Dgt

      help my idog is freaking out on me it keeps whining and i dont have the connector things to plug it into my ipod or computer. somebody elp me please!!!!!!!!! it is whining with one light in the middle of its head flashing wat to I do?

    • iDog

      Lukr Dgt, I think I can help you.
      Try changing the batteries to *NEW* ones,
      then have it listen to music for a LONG time
      (the lights have to be flashing or else it is not listning to it).
      Have it listen till it stops listning and starts making its own music.
      Or till you can press its nose twice and it will make its own music.
      Worked for me! Hope it workes for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bre

      my sisters and I all have idogs, (not the amped ones) and one day we were listening to the little riffs they make up,we played ours at the same time, when suddenly, mine started to sound different. I played it again by itself, and it had combined my sisters idogs riff with my idogs riff. Later we played our idogs some music, and they all changed their riffs again. And since then I can’ figure out how to combine the riffs again….. anyone know what im talking about?? please help

    • ConfusedOne

      I have an idog, and it comes with all these CORDS.. how do I attach it to my mp3 player so that it will react to music??? HELP MEEEEE!!!

    • Chris

      I love my little idog. But often I like to play soft music while I work with the idog plugged in to the speaker outlet of my laptop. The idog likes this too much. His foot taping and constant head wagging are noisy and interrupts the softer music. I can get him to stop for like 10 seconds by simultaneously pushing the nose button and the tail downward. But he starts right up again. Can I get him to just be a quiet noiseless speaker sometimes?

    • norbury

      excellent ! i lost my manual 2

    • Pink-I-dog

      Hi i have one of the older white i dogs and i haven’t played with it for awhile. i really want to start it again and it is working but i can’t seem to find my cables for it . i think i misplaced it . please let me know where i can find those cables or how i can plug my idog into my computer or ipod. thanks.

      - the pink I-dog

    • mmleigh

      I just bought the idog and have an ipod, but cannot get it to play from the ipod.. anyone have any help for me???

      • mitch

        there is a switch under it’s head switch it then plug in ipod and play music!!

    • emily

      Well i just got my idog today and i cant make it to do the comands i say please help me. p.s.Its the black one

    • lilyt

      how do u download the music onto it?

    • reader234

      u don’t it cumz pre loaded. also i think the idog dance is the best if u want sumthing thatll do trix cuz it follows 8 voice cummandz. it cumz in white and black and SOMETIMES pink. pinkz rare but u can get it. if ur looking 4 sumthing with a lot of design and/or character get a regular idog or get an idog ampd. also sum of them cum with decals so that iz an opshun2.

    • molly

      i have a blue one

    • Krystal

      i have one and have had it for about 5 years now has worked totally fine,(i have the original one)And i just replaced the batteries and restarted it : P and its not at all moving its head or ears : ( and the sensor doesnt seem to work properly : (

    • brieanna

      Hi,I have a I-dog but it the mood is green, is it sick because it is always like that! Help! What should I do?

      • GongMinji

        It is not sick. Green= very happy Orange= content Red= angry/hungry

    • crazy4you

      ive replaced my batteries in my idog, and clicked the reset button…* but, it still isnt working.. anyone know whats wrong?!? help!!

      • Jeon Mingkky

        You should first try to press its nose twice, or once, whichever preferred… but if it still doesn’t work, try changing its batteries again, or buy a new set of batteries.

    • Riplyne

      Hi i have my idog pluged in right now i have an old one i got it wheni was 8 but i have no firetrucking idea what the light symbols mean please respond

    • chealsea

      i just got an idog and an icat from a yard sale and have no idea how to use it. The special feature helped but i dont know how to turn it on. I pushed the nose button but it didnt turn on. Is it rechargeable or does it need new batteries

    • toy master

      um hello i haven’t have time to play on my idog so it has been a long time since i played it now it won’t work…… PLS. HELP ME!!!!!!!

    • annonymus idog owner

      well, you could buy an ipod, really, any music works. you get the cable for the headphones plug hole and connect them. the o shaped hole on it.

    • answer

      buy a new idog or put it by a speaker WHILE it is playing music.