Tux Paint Software for Kids

One of my son’s favorite PC CD-ROM games is BBC’s toybox Games Collection. There’s a Paintbox area where kids can “create pictures, invitations, door hangers and more, with stamps, borders & backgrounds from your favorite [Cbeebies] programs.” Very cute but you have to pay for it.

Via Kiddley yesterday, I found a great freeware program called Tux Paint. S has been playing with it a whole ton and laughing his butt off. Music to a mother’s ears. :)

Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children (kids ages 3 and up). It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who helps guide children as they use the program. (See the full list of features.) It provides a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help your child be creative.

I wanted to show off one of his creations too but he wouldn’t let me touch his laptop. So here’s a little sketch he made of Clifford the Big Red Dog on his Tomy megasketcher.

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    • http://www.reallifecalling.blogspot.com/ Andrea in the UK

      This looks wonderful- and my daughter just love the etch-a-sketch. The thing about both these gadegts is there is endless learning and play – YET no mess whatsoever – WONDERFUL Right?!!!

    • http://www.playlibrary.com Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Andrea: You’re the one who inspired me to get a megasketcher! My kiddo loves it. :)

    • http://www.reallifecalling.blogspot.com/ Andrea in the UK

      WOW I inspired that purchase?!! I’m honoured -don’t recall how I did it though – glad your little one loves it too :)

    • http://www.playlibrary.com Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Andrea, It was in this post about toys for infants and toddlers – Toy Talk #4

    • Me:P

      my school has got tux paint on th computer and i think it is really really good. everyone loves going on it and all find it better than normal paint.

    • http://www.playlibrary.com Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Me:P: I’m so glad you think it’s cool! It’s not quite as tactile as regular paint but it’s nice to have options. :)

    • ally

      My skool has tux paint too! It’s so fun! I luv it! It’s so boring when we go to the comp. lab to do homework. But as soon as we’re all done, we’re straight to Tux Paint! Thankyou so much for inventing it! It takes boredom out of skool days!

      thanx so much!

    • ally Mcmillan

      Once again, my whole class says it’s awesome!!!!


      Frum: Gr. 6 class

    • http://www.tuxpaint.org/ Bill Kendrick

      Hi, this is Bill Kendrick, one of the folks who makes Tux Paint. Glad you folks are enjoying it! :^) Keep an eye out for new versions… we’re always making it better :)

      Gotta run,


    • http://www.playlibrary.com Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Hey, everybody! It’s BILL!!! Thanks for dropping by. There’s no end to the good things I hear about Tux Paint. :)

    • http://tuxpaint makayla

      It is a great program and is a awesome thing to play at school !!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much for making it.thank you makayla

    • http://tuxpaint Jessie

      it is soo fun and i love to play it at school

    • http://tuxpaint Jessie

      well i mean i love tux paint just incase you didn’t get that in my first message

    • http://yahoo Chloe

      is this website kool

    • http://www.logosgames.com Borlano

      Toybox Games Collection is greatfor kids. Very very nice photo

    • http://tuxpaint maggie

      i wish i can have a tux paint on my computer so i can play every day and it is so fun couse my school has it nearly every time i go to i.c.t i play it couse it is so fun and lovley and wonderful so i like it i mean love love love it ha ha ha i love it so i wrote love it 3 time ok bye bye

    • http://yahoo daniela

      hi its nice to play this game

    • andrea

      tux is awsome how do i get it

    • http://tuxpaint ido

      i want to at play at tux paint.

    • http://tuxpaint mikayla

      this is the Bomb.i love it.

    • Sam


    • http://kianaboone.com kiana

      how can i download tux paint for my kids

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