25 On-line To-Do Lists

checklistWhat homemaker hasn’t used a to-do list to manage day-to-day activities? But we don’t have to use what our grandparents did. The old standby, the pen-and-paper method, has evolved into online planners and calendars.

Solution Watch has a review of “25 To Do Lists to Stay Productive”. These are websites that help the user organize tasks, reminders and various other lists. I didn’t realize there were so many good ones out there. I’m a paper person myself; I use a paper planner to keep track of most of the things I need to do. But I also use MS Outlook to help me be an efficient blogger. Maybe one of these days, I’ll venture into one of these services. I’m sure one of them beats what I get from Outlook.

For those who are online a lot and prefer computerized to-do lists, you may want to check out these sites. They vary from being simple to feature-packed. Solution Watch’s top 5 are:

* Orchestrate

* Ta-da List

* Wallnote

* Remember the Milk

* Rough Underbelly

What method do you use for your to-do lists?

[via Problogger]

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