DNA Back-Up on the Moon

Ever wonder what would happen to humans and our legacy if the earth were completely destroyed by a man-made or natural calamity? The Alliance to Rescue Civilization (ARC) has a plan to create a back-up on the moon of all recordable aspects of human civilization, including DNA samples. From their Organizational Framework (pdf):

Content Identification/Collection:

At the heart of ARC’s mission is identifying and accumulating all the things that the ARC facility will house and protect–from works of art and literature, to architectural blueprints to biological samples. Cataloging and prioritizing that which constitutes our civilization will be an on-going process leading up to and beyond the construction of the ARC facility. As was mentioned earlier, ARC is not a time capsule, but a dynamic repository ever being updated to represent the current level of civilization’s development.

According to The New York Times, the DNA would eventually be used in fertility treatments to create a new society. I couldn’t find a selection criteria for donor DNA on the ARC website, but I assume the DNA of ARC leaders William E. Burrows, Dr. Robert Shapiro, Ray Erikson, Steven M. Wolfe, and Sean W. Hadley, would be included. If there’s an application process, I’ll let you know.

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