• Thu, Aug 24 2006

Shock and Surprise at Project Runway

This week’s challenge for the 8 Project Runway designers who were left is to create an outfit for the everyday woman. Okay, no big deal, yawn even, until we learn who these everyday women are – the designers’ moms and sisters! And out they march down the runway. Everyone is very excited, but of course, there is a twist. A designer cannot design for his/her relative. Instead, out comes the bag and they start picking and choosing.

At this point, I began to realize that this competition was not going to be at all balanced because this assortment of “everyday” women had a huge assortment of sizes, from the trim to the tubby. Of course, those who picked first picked the smallest of those up on stage.

It began to feel like gym class all over again.

So that was the surprise part.

 vincent-wins.bmp The shock?

Vincent wins! And, he actually made a pretty nice dress for Uli’s mom too. Of course, look how cute her mom is. Now, I say this dress is “nice,” because that’s about all I can say about it. The back looked unfinished to me, and otherwise, I really wasn’t that impressed with the overall design. Seen it before, bought the t-shirt.

Now, for the other shock, though not really a suprise I’m afraid.

robert-loses.bmp Robert is out! We knew this was going to happen. He is obviously talented, but the judges just don’t get him, and really, he never took enough chances. In his defense for this challenge, he made exactly what Patricia, Vincent’s sister (ironic, no?) wanted, a long black dress and Asain inspired jacket in her favorite color. But, according to the judges, he should have known better even if she didn’t.

Now for the rest of the designers, moms, and sisters….

Michael was the first to chose and selected Robert’s sister, Teresa, the slimmest and probably youngest woman available. She is very attractive and he makes a wonderful reversible dress for her, but considering the other models there, she wasn’t much of a challenge. How can you go wrong with young, thin, and beautiful.

Another suprise, Jeffery actually has a mother, and Pam is very attractive. Laura selected her right away and ended up making her an outfit for a possible future cruise she might take, but the judges aren’t impressed for once with Laura’s over the top sailor dress.

Angela chooses Laura’s mother, Lorraine, and ends up making her a black dress with fringe. Fringe? Eekk? Honestly, without the fringe this might have past by the judges, but they felt it was too young for her.

Kayne teams up with Michael’ mother, Pamela, and they both love the bling, so we expect some major shiny, shiny from them. The outfit did have color, but it wasn’t as sparklie as hoped for, and the judges singled him out for a few choice words saying it made her look short and square with the short pants and cropped top.

As usual, Uli is spot on when she made a colorful patterned poncho style top and pants outfit for Kayne’s mom, Judy. I think she should have won for this. Not only was the outfit pretty, accessories with a nice beaded necklace, and what the customer actually wanted, Uli rose to the challenge of designing for a plus size woman and it worked. She really got ripped off on this competition.

Finally, we have Mr. Meany, Jeffery, who was obiously POed that he was stuck with Angela’s plus size mom, and he made no effort to hide this fact. So as usual, he made what he wanted even going so far as to make Angela’s mom, Darlene, cry. He really should have been gone. The dress was awful looking and not at all what her mom had aske for. Then to top it off when she gave him her opinion, he jumped all over her. Is that how he treats his customers?

So, that’s how this episode played out, but I was very disappointed with the out come. Very.


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  • http://shopaholicsdaily.com Shopaholics Daily

    I started watching and then life got in the way and I completely lost track of it. Now I regret it. I remember taking a dislike to Vincent, and now I wish I had followed along to see if my opinion would have changed. Damn… must check to see when it is on and try to catch up. :)

  • http://www.jewelryandbeading.com/ Tammy Powley

    Bravo usually plays reruns. For example, the hour before they play the previous week’s episode. Sometimes they even have marathons.

  • http://houseofpeanut.blogspot.com Anandi

    Hey! I totally agree with your assessment. I thought Uli should have won as well – I didn’t think Vincent’s dress was that special, and it looked sort of rumpled, to be honest. I did *love* Michael’s dress, and while his model was the youngest and thinnest, she wasn’t model-thin, exactly either.

    I was sad to see Robert go – I thought his white dress from the first challenge was *unbelievable*. Of course, since then he hasn’t really wowed me, so I guess they’re weeding out the bleh people. And they need to keep Angela for drama’s sake (as long as Jeffrey is still around).

  • Bunny Brown

    Yeah-I didn’t like Vincent, but I have to admit he did show some ‘soft moments’ this week. I still have my guard up for him, though; I just don’t trust him. BTW-Tammy, I think Vincent’s dress in the back was sort of ‘ruched’, and I found that to be a bit unexpected for the structure of the front of the dress. I was really disappointed in Laura’s design; after all the really ‘stylish’ designs she has done.
    But best of all-Michael was a hit; at this point; I would bet that he is at least in the final 3. (for season 3-I have seen too many get so close and then flop; I wouldn’t want to bet on any closer). I do have the ones that I like as well, but can’t say their designs are always good. So we’ll just have to see further…

  • http://www.jewelryandbeading.com/ Tammy Powley

    Bunny – Actually, Vincent was initially one of my favorite. As a person, he seems normally pretty nice, but I haven’t been impressed by his work so far.
    Anandi – Too true about Robert. Talented but under pressure he didn’t seem able to live up to his talent.