• Thu, Aug 31 2006

Project Runway in Paris

With so few designers left, things are getting more tense than ever and so are the challenges. This week the designers were asked to make an outfit for an international jet setter type, which they later learn is supposed to be themselves. So they will make and model their own outfits. Jet setters or at least those who view themselves as jet setters, Laura, Jefferey, Michael, Kayne, and Uli are loving this challenge, while home-bodies like Vincent and Angela have a hard time wrapping their brains around this.

Another twist is thrown into the mix when after modeling their outfits, they are told they will be traveling in those outfits to demonstrate how well the clothes work for a real jet setter. They learn at the air port that their destination is Paris! And, as an extra bonus, when they board the plane, in first class of course, who else but Tim Gunn shows up, seems like a fun time for all. And it is, until they actually get there.

After being whisked into the Paris Parson’s School of Design, they soon discover that the judging will get started again ASAP and one of them will be asked to turn around and get right back on the next plane to go home.

I have to stop for a minute here and take the producers to task for this…shame, shame on you. This was just beyond cruel. Sorry, but it did not make for good TV, just another obivous example of idiotic manipulations going on behind the scenes.

Okay, I’m off my soap box, now onto the winner. Drum roll please….

jeffery-winner.bmp Jefferey, aka Mr. Meany, won. Actually, he probably deserved to win if you can get past his annoying personality and abuse of fellow designers. His out fit was very jet setter and very hip and very him.

angela-lose2.bmp Angela, Ms. Rossettes on the be-hind no less, lost. We all kind of knew she was doomed. I mean, Angela, a jet setter? Tim tried to warn her in the work room suggesting her outfit looked too much like “Holly Hobby,” and poor Angela took this as a compliment. Oy! Well, at least she won’t have to take any more crap from Jefferey, and while I can’t say Angela and I have the same tastes, I did feel badly for her on this challenge as a fellow home-body type.

Now for the rest of the designers, who for the most part did really well on this challenge.

Michael kicked butt in a, of all things, seersucker cargo pants, which looked “in the hood” and a crisp white shirt. He was a contender for the win. He also did a great job modeling his outfit, even giving fellow roomie Kayne some tips.

Laura also looked great in her nude-colored silk dress, which was all Laura, classic and elegant. However, rather than the low cut V, she opted to add some drapping affects and a sash waist. I also liked how she included some super long dangle earrings to her look. Very put together!

Kayne did not please the judges in his all black except for some wild print he had sewn on a sleeve and back of the shirt. He also wore his signature bling “Kayne” belt buckle. Comments were made that he looked like Elvis, but I say, so what? Is this or is this not Kayne all over the place? Cut the boy some slack!

Uli made her signature multi-patterned long, flowing beautiful dress, and the judges took her to task for it because it was too much like what she’d done already. Again, judges, this is Uli. What else do you expect her to wear? I could understand this argument if it was a different challenge and she was designing for someone else, but I think (when possible) a designer should wear what she/he makes.

Finally, Vincent made a black jersey type top and black pants, which he basically copied from the pants he was wearing that day….booorrrinnnggg! But, some how he survived, again.

So, another designer has left the group, and we are down to almost a handful now. I hope Kayne some how pleases the judges this week as he’s one of my top 3 along with Michael and Uli.

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  • http://www.blingonashoestringjewelry.com Sarakastic

    I was suprised to learn from this episode that linen doesn’t travel well. Shocking, absolutely shocking.

  • http://www.jewelryandbeading.com/ Tammy Powley

    Te he, yes, poor Angela was pretty clueless.