Dizon Exotic Fruit Trees


Bernardo Dizon, author of Practical Guide to Backyard and Orchard Farming, now has his own website, offering exotic fruit trees for backyard orchardists. There is quite a variety, including chico, a.k.a. sapodilla (Sc. Achras sapota), the famous durian, jackfruit, lanzones (lansium domesticum), lychee, longan, macopa (a personal favorite), mangosteen, and rambutan (okay, so drstel is not a fruit).

Ka Bernie is a multi-awarded agriculturist and has given so much to the farming community — and he still has so much to teach us. Those of you who are in the Philippines and looking to grow some of these fruits in your backyard or farm, you can e-mail Ka Bernie at ka_bernie_dizonATyahooDOTcomDOTph.

If you are looking to learn more about growing exotic fruit, you may want to check out the rarefruit Yahoogroup as well.

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    • url

      just wondering what’s the URL of bernie dizon’s website.

    • http://www.stefoodie.net Stef

      whoops, i did mean to put that in. i’ve edited the post. sorry about that!

    • http://www.dizon-exoticfruittrees.com nard dizon

      Ka Bernie Dizon website: http://www.dizon-exoticfruittrees.com

    • http://yahoo alberto g. reyes,m.d.

      Good to have seen your website. I get to know more information about taking care of my fruit trees bought from you.
      Congratulation for your productive endeavor and more power.

    • Marnel

      Where else could I possibly find a copy of his book PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BACKYARD AND ORCHARD FARMING? thank you…

    • http://www.dizon-exoticfruittrees.com antoninorreyes

      Ka Bernie, you are doing excellent job, always
      improving thru multimedia dessimination for people interested in fruit trees.

    • arturo estrada

      i read panorama 13 april 08 issue and found out about dizon exotic fruittrees i want to learn more about planting these how much will it cost me to buy from you a chokanan mango variety? thnk u

    • Nieva Burdick

      Gusto ko lang malaman kung anong mga prutas ang pwedeng itamin sa Bataan para sa Exotic Fruits Orchard. Anong mga preparation ang kailangan ko.

    • epoy delos reyes

      continue your eagerness in helping and at the same time you earn with you good variety of fruit trees i have 1 chokonan mango a 3 years old now and it fruiting already and also 1 davao pommelo a 2 1/2 yrs.old with 1 fruit now may God bless you.

    • george

      can’t open bernie dizon exotic food website!

    • Frank

      Does anyone have any contact number or address of Ka Bernie? I have sent him e-mails but I didn’t get a reply. Please help! Thanks anyone.

    • JP

      try to contact his son, bernard 09175114403. they are located just inside the ninoy aquino parks and wildlife in QC.

    • Frank

      thanks JP

    • luz levanza

      interested to attend your seminar, want to know where to contact you.

    • diogenes laerthus

      ka bernie i’m residing at cabiao,n.e. may i know if you have available “abeu” seedling in your nursery in CLSU.I’ve bought 2 seedlings abeu before and it’s bearing frauit already for 2 years unfortunately it died out after spraying malathion as it was infested by aphids.

    • Don escalante

      Ka bernie,inquire po ako kung may available po kyo ng calamansi?gusto po sana bumili ng 100 na puno,meron po ba malapit na mapagbilhan sa may malapit bayan ng zambales,timing ko po sana ang pag uwi ko kung may available kyo ng puno ngayon tagulan.at kung makano po at gaano na kalaki.tumatawag po ako sa cp # nyo pero wla sumasagot.pwede ba bigay nyo # nyo at tawagan ko kayo.salamat po

    • Ramon amat

      Ka bernie bakit po kaya na ninilaw yong mga bagong dahon ng lungkong lanzones ko, bilog pong dilaw pero yong iba naman ay okey po, ano kaya ang dapat kong gawin.
      Thank you.

    • Tess

      the right phrase is dizon exotic fruit trees. Just google it and you will find it.