• Sun, Oct 22 2006

What Do (Did) You Do For a Living?

Darren over at problogger.net asked what people do for a living. I thought maybe this would be an interesting question directed to Stay at Home Dads or any parents out there who work hard to support their family.

So if you are a working parent, what is it you do to support your family? For those Stay at Home Dads, what occupation did you leave? What were you?

I will start and get the ball rolling…

I used to be a land surveyor in the summers while I was at college. Then I hopped all around from working at a bank to retail. I even loaded trucks for FedEx…!

So what did, or do you do?

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  • Travis

    I once made and may soon once again make craft brewed beer for money. I don’t really like saying I am/was a brewer. It is just what I did. Before that I worked in operations management for a third party logistics provider.

  • Patrickz

    I worked for the home depot as a manager. Much happier now of course.

  • http://pinkdiary808.com Kailani

    I’m currently a flight attendant.

    Before that I was an Employment Manager at a 5-star hotel. Before that I was the Training Manager at a Waikiki hotel. Before that I was an HR Consultant conducting seminars in American Samoa. Before that I was a Master’s Degree student.

    The list goes on and on and on!

  • http://dadstayshome.com Dadstayshome

    I had my dream job as a web designer for a non profit. It was ideal, no one looking over my shoulder, great boss, freedom to be creative as needed. Pay was not half bad either. Lucky I did not burn any bridges as I’m doing a contract job for this same place 7 years later.