Thrifty Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

angelToday I was reading Angel’s blog, 1 Smart Mom.  She has some thrifty tips for making your home smell good, without giving you a headache.


1.  To get rid of bad smells, pour vinegar in a bowl and let it sit overnight.

2.  Put natural spices in a pot and boil them on the stove.

3.  If you have clothes to hang dry, hang them in the room that you want to smell nice.  (The room will smell like your detergent or softener.)

4.  Place laundry detergent in the bottom of your tub overnight.  The bathroom smells good and the tub sparkles.

I will add that baking soda helps to absorb smells.  You can add a refrigerator style box in closets, behind the couch, under the bed, etc.  You can even sift a little bit on the carpet and let it set for a while before you vacuum.

Sometimes I also try a lightly scented candle.  Candles work well for absorbing odors, but be careful; some of them are strong.

Thanks for the tips, Angel.  I am sensitive to smells too.

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    • Angel Cope

      Hey, thanks for the link! I also have a problem with my vacuum cleaner smelling. I pour bakin soda into the filter area, problem solved. And I do LOVE candles, but I have to be careful as well, so that it does not give me a headache.

    • tammi

      Looove the tips.Thanks.I have a big house.But for some wierd reason…ONE bathroom.That struck me as really odd when I moved in.Nevertheless,since I got a roomie and her 15 year old,I nearly DIE at some of the smells around here.Especially the bathroom,no matter how clean I try to keep this house.
      So these tips hopefully will combat some of the
      Thanks again,

    • Karen

      Oh, I know about the smells 15 year olds make. My husband and I work with the youth at church. Those boys are so smelly!!!! I am still wondering how they can produce so much gas. Those liquid plug in things are pretty good too, but I can’t handle most of the fragrances. It seems like the strawberry one was the only one I could handle.

    • Karen
    • Raymond Chandler

      I agree that good scents keep are great for making your place feel like home and to help you relax. Some good scents that are great for my home are soft scents or fruity scents. My mom uses similar scents also to help her house smell like home. I feel great when I get home since I get to forget about everything else and relax.

    • Amy

      More than just pouring vinegar into a bowl, try simering vinegar in a small pan on the stove for about an hour. I tried this after my daughter burnt something in the microwave, to get the smell out of my house. It worked great! To clean the microwave, I boiled lemon juice and water in there (less than a cup of each, in one glass bowl)and let it sit several minutes before wiping down the surfaces with the solution. This helps with the smell and the cleaning. (That’s what I usually use to clean my microwave.) I used baking soda to scrub the more difficult stuff. If the smell still lingers in the microwave (which it did in this case), repeat the process of boiling the lemon juice and water (fresh batch) and let it remain in the microwave to absorb the remaining odor and/ or sprinkle baking soda in the microwave and let stand open for a couple hours, then wipe down before using again.

    • Ricky

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