My 3rd Anniversary – A Celebration of a Great Life

Ok so you never forget but today is not one to be sad, it is a day to celebrate his life. That is how he would want to be honoured. So what better way than helping others? I asked people to send in links to articles about how to turn your life around, how to beat depression and the blogsosphere has not disappointed…here are links to help us all in achieving a happy life. I hope this helps you overcome your grief

Ten Ways to beat the Winter Bluesmabelandharry

How to turn a bad day aroundChief Happiness Officer

Enthusiasm and a postive attitudeMotivation on the Run

Avoiding PostPartum DepressionInside Motherhood

Dealing with GriefThrifty Mommy

How to Revitalise Your DreamsThe Engaging Brand

 Life Is Endless? posted at – Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul.

 Overcoming Depression Permanently posted at Universe Of Success.

 You Are What You Think About posted at Universe Of Success.

 Facing the Unknown posted at Verve Coaching.

 I don’t do jobs! Be an avid job avoider. posted at Self Improvement with Travis Farnes.

 Wake up and Create the Life You Want posted at Debra, saying, “Anna,  I lost two of my closest relatives in Dec 98 and 2000 and, needless to say, Christmas has never been the same since, so I understand what you’re going through. ”

 Depression Feeds on Itself-Changing That posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, “When autumn rolls around, many people sink (at least a little). This post offers TherapyDoc’s suggestions on how to kick up the brain, lift depression (again, at least a little), the old fashioned way.”

 Spa Wisdom posted at Passion, People and Principles.

To reduce stress, just change the way you thinkRelishing Life

How to come through a down dayPodcastFreq

I would like to say a big thank you for all of you who sent these posts. Today is a special day……and what a great way to turn a sad one into a postive one.
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    • Hsien Lei

      What a lovely list of positive and warm posts. Lots of hugs for everyone, esp. Anna, on this special day.

    • Karen

      Thanks for mentioning us. Here is the actual link to go directly to my article.

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    • Gayla

      Anna ~ I had every intention of writing something for this project, but apparently the loss, even though it’s been 29 years, is still very great. That day also marked the anniversary of my families greatest loss as well.

      It was on this very day – 29 years ago, that we said our final goodbyes.

      Each year I try to do something to celebrate Tony and his life. Something that I hope will become a bit viral in honor of his short life. I share one of our very special family traditions.

      The Elf that came to our house…

      My celebration of Tony’s life can be found here:

    • anna

      I fully understand and I will put your link up on tomorrows post so that people can share the story. We all mark our anniveraries in different ways, ways that we find comfort. Anna

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