• Mon, Nov 6 2006

MoneyBlog Contest Giving Away $400 worth of Prizes

winnerWho loves contests? My hand will be eternally raised for these fun contests. Now who loves bean bags and books?

Here is one contest that can make you win any of those prizes. It’s sponsored by My Money Blog. So how do you join? You only have to do these two things:

#1 – Leave A Comment

Just leave a comment in this post with a guess of between 0 and 99. The winner will be determined by the ending value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on November 22nd. For example, if the value is 10,165.48, the winning number used would be 48. The closest person gets to choose their prize first, with ties being broken by who commented first, and so on until all prizes are gone.

#2 – Link To Your Favorite Post
If you have any sort of website, be it big or tiny, webpage or blog, MySpace or Xanga, whatever, just add a new link on *your* site to your favorite post on *this* blog (My Money Blog). Even posting this site to a bulletin board where you are active counts (don’t spam, because it won’t count!).

Go join the fun!

(image from usfsa.org)

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