How to Make Your Own Nursing Necklace

nursingnecklace.jpgNursing necklaces serve the dual purpose of giving hip mamas a bit of style while offering a distraction for nurslings who like to explore with their hands while they nurse. (My first daughter liked to give me a “dental exam” with her hand in my mouth; my second has given my hair a tug or two).

Nursing necklaces retail on the web anywhere from $13.50 to $125 plus shipping, but it would be a fun project for a mother or even a mother and her older children to make bead necklaces at home. There are several bead stores on-line. Your local bead store will carry beads for every budget including high-end beads, while craft stores such as Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels will offer less expensive choices. For beading techniques, design ideas and projects, visit one of the many jewelry craft sites available. I’ve added some safety tips for nursing necklaces as well and a free necklace design and step-by-step instructions.

If you’d rather shop for a ready-made necklace on-line, here’s a list of retailers selling nursing necklaces from U.S. $13.50-$125:
Alternative Baby
Attached to Baby
Booby Beads
Cypress Studio
Earthy Babes
Mommy and Me Necklaces
Natural Bambinos
Nursing Notions
Tickled Pink Designs
Twiddle Baubles

Leave a comment to tell us about your nursing necklace project or your favorite retailer!

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    • The Mommy Blawger

      Do you have any more information about what kind of thread and clasps should be purchased for nursing necklaces? I understand that they should be strong enough not to break when the little ones are tugging on them, but I am not at all familiar with jewelry making. Also, any guidance about any types of beads to avoid since they may be chewed on. Thank you!

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    • Heather

      I just purchased 2 nursing necklaces from The Laughing Starfish. Not only are they GORGEOUS, but she is so personal and willing to work with the customer. All of her work is one of a kind, but she pictures all of her sold work, and will try to recreate those for interested customers. She also does custom work. I would HIGHLY recommend The Laughing Starfish as a source for nursing necklaces that offer baby something to play with, while Mommy looks stylish.

    • c

      Stones of Healing has terrific, reasonably priced, gorgeous & safe nursing necklaces with a variety of healing properties – stress reducing, calming, lactation aiding, etc.

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    • Barbara

      how does a nursing necklace work?

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Barbara, some babies get distracted while nursing or try to play with their mother’s hair, mouth, or even the other nipple. A nursing necklace gives the baby something to focus on, making it easier for the mother to nurse. Such a necklace should be made with non-toxic, baby-safe materials. Usually a nursing necklace is beautiful and can later be worn as a regular piece of jewelry.

    • Virginia

      I got 2 necklaces from Mommy & Me, and they’re great! So far very durable, and quite attractive and modern. Fast shipping for only $.99 per order. Highly recommended!!

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    • Olivia

      hey, you should edit your links, tons of them don’t work anymore.

    • Barbara Westbrook

      use dental floss for a strong beading string–don’t know about clasps, but if you make the necklace long enough, just tie both ends together with a square knot. Good luck.