• Thu, Nov 9 2006

We saw the Wiggles LIVE!

awig1.jpgBaldman, the oldest 2 kids and I all got to go see The Wiggles LIVE show last night. Way fun! They performed all of our favorite Wiggles songs, and kept the kids entertained for almost an hour and a half. It was fun to hear The Wiggles refer to our local history and one of our historic neighborhoods. Turns out they were only about 5 minutes from my house at some point in the day! (Yeah, I tend to get a bit starstruck.)awig2.jpg

I love the venue where we saw them. It’s not a huge place to start with, and the stage came out to about the middle of the floor, so there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Due to a wreck that caused a huge traffic jam, the show did start about 1/2 hour late. I thought it was very considerate of them to wait long enough to allow people time to get in, though I think those who arrived early may not have been so appreciative (yes, I mean you, crazy guy who tried to get your kids to start a prison riot-type chanting of “We want the Wiggles!”).

Of course, everyone was disappointed not to see Greg there. The official quote from Murray to the audience was:

  • You probably already know that Greg is not with us, everyone. He’s sick, he’s still at home in Australia, recovering. He’s sorry he can’t be here. But we’ve got a great friend of ours helping out. He’s singing all the songs. This is Sam, everyone!

Though we were so sad to miss out on seeing Greg, Sam (longtime member of The Wiggles) did a fantastic job in his place. I think Greg would be proud of the awesome job they’re still doing in his absence. From Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags and Henry, to The Wiggly Dancers,awags1.jpg to Jeff, Sam, Murray and Anthony, everyone gave a stellar performance. And it was especially fun to see Anthony start cracking up a few times, and to see Murray and the Captain making each other laugh. I get a kick out of seeing them having fun up there.

asamjake.jpgThe kids had a ball. The 5 year old, who thought maybe she was starting to outgrow The Wiggles when we throw in a video at home, just beamed singing all the songs and remembering all the motions. The 3 year old didn’t really understand what was happening until The Wiggles actually showed up on the stage. He kept thinking that we were going to see a Wiggles movie. After the opening of the show, he just kept wanting to know where the big red car went. The 17-month old didn’t get to go, because we would have had to buy a ticket for him. (Am I the only one who thinks that’s crazy?)asamjeff.jpg

The highlight of the night was my oldest getting her photo with Jeff! We ran down when he was collecting roses for Dorothy, and she gave him the get well card she made for Greg. I was bummed that her eyes were only half open, but you take what you can get in the 2 seconds with a Wiggle! It was a really great night, and I’m so thankful for the memories we have of seeing the joy and excitement in the eyes of the kids. I’m afraid that not too many kids see live performances of anything anymore, and don’t know the thrill and joy of having a part in the performances. Though it’s fun to get to take them to something as flashy as a Wiggles concert, it’s also fun to take the kids to local performances, plays and concerts. Videos are great for some circumstances, but I hope this next generation of kids also grows up with an appreciation of live performance art. There’s something special about seeing a unique performance.

So, thanks Wiggles, for sharing your gifts with the world. And to Greg, our prayers, thoughts, and hopes are with you.acard.jpg

Update: Greg Page Wiggle officially announced his retirement on November 30, 2006. More from Play Library in honor of unofficial Greg Page Wiggle Tribute Day.

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  • http://www.playlibrary.com Hsien-Hsien Lei

    We love you, Wiggles! Anthony, Murray, Jeff, and lots of hugs for Greg. Captain Feathersword, you’re the best. Dorothy and the cast are awesome too.

  • http://www.scribbit.blogspot.com Michelle

    Yes, my toddler went through the Wiggles mania phase too we just never had a chance at the live version. They sound like nice guys.

  • http://pinkdiary808.com kailani

    I wish they would perform here! My daughter still loves the Wiggles. BTW, who’s Sam?

  • http://www.playlibrary.com Kerri Aldrich

    Hsien: They really were ALL so great. And the way they interact with the audience is fantastic. I’m like my kids, “We want to see the Wiggles AGAIN!”

    Michelle: With the kids just being staggered so well, we’ve been in a Wiggles phase for about 3 years, and have at least that many to go. Good thing I like the Wiggles! :)

    Kailani: I hope they come your way one day. It was great. @Sam, a member of the Wiggles since 1998. Check here for more info.

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  • Amy

    We were lucky enough to see The Wiggles in concert yesterday evening for the first time. My oldest is 8 but he had a great time singing along (he remembered all the songs from when he used to watch the show) and keeps asking me when The Wiggles will be back! Murray wandered around in the audience a couple of times and my brave youngest son (5) marched right up to him and waved, and was rewarded with a high-five and a few words from Murray! I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera with me! (Left it home because I was worried it would be confiscated.) Jeff also wandered the audience and at one point was standing right behind our seats. What fun! Although we sorely missed Greg, we greatly enjoyed the show and hope they will decide to stop by our town again next time they tour the U.S.! Even if the kids are ‘too old’ by then, I’ll still go to the show…I love these guys! :o)

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  • amina ishaq

    could someone let me know if there are any live wiggles performances in England.
    i live in west yorkshire and would love to take my 2 children.

  • http://www.playlibrary.com Kerri Aldrich

    Amina Ishaq: Looks like The Wiggles will be headed to the UK in June of this year. I hope you are able to attend, they put on a great show! Here’s the link for more information: http://www.thewiggles.com.au/us/events/15

  • http://www.playlibrary.com Kerri Aldrich

    Amy: Just realized I’d missed your comment earlier! How fun that your son got a high five from Murray! I almost didn’t bring my camera for the same reason, that I was afraid that they would take it. You never know what you can bring in an arena anymore! My kids want to go back, too. So glad you all had a fun time, and some great memories of being close to the Wiggles! :D Thanks for sharing your experiences here!

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