Thrifty ways to use leftover shampoo

Ever wonder what to do with all those shampoos and conditioners that you think will be the best thing ever only to get it home and hate it?  I just did that with a new type of Suave.  It does horribly with my hair.  But as usual, Pat at, gives us some great tips on what to do with your leftover shampoo.  I am going to try the mixture of shampoo and baking soda to shine my bathtub.  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like I get it clean enough to let my daughter play and swim in the tub.  I must me weird like that.

Other uses are cleaning fiberglass, taking out blood, and a cure for ring-around-the-collar.

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    • Debra

      I use Suave shampoo to clean my tub and shower. I use lavendar cause it smells great. I just put it on a scrubber sponge and clean while I’m taking a shower. You need to rinse it off but it will take off all the soap scum. I use it for bubble bath as well. Just be sure to rinse off afterwards, it cleans the tub without all the chemicals. Gentle on your skin. Not recommended for hair though, I agree. I use salon shampoo only, because I’m worth it.

    • Melissa

      Thanks for the tip. Will try it with my bathtub.
      I use conditioners I don’t like as a substitute for shaving lotion. Works great. I also recently found interesting ways to use empty egg cartons:

    • JENNYV

      I use left-over shampoo in my soap dispenser at the sink. It smells nice and doesn’t dry out the skin on my hands.

    • Karen

      Jenny, I agree. I’ve been using diluted baby shampoo at my sink because my eczema is so bad! It isn’t as harsh on my hands.