When the brat comes to play

You know you can relate!

We all have those great friends we love to hang out with – but cringe when we see they’ve brought their ‘never minding, smart mouthed, over-the-top brat’ with them.  Next thing you know, they’re all in your house – the kids running and screaming and the parents are immune to the constant noises of their own kids – but they’re pushing you to the brink of going postal.

I’d like to invite readers to share their stories on how to handle these situations.

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    • http://casualkeystrokes.com Char

      This is the situation with one of my dearest friends. I adore her, but could do without the rest of her family. I make a point of seeing her during the week when kids are at school and husbands are at work.

      Now, when dealing with other less than wonderful house guests, lets just say, I don’t. I have no problem with letting other children know that my rules are my rules and will do so with their parents right there.

    • http://www.momgadget.com/about Gayla

      Char, I like your style! :)

    • NCWoman

      I drop the friends. Honestly, my eye-rolling and nagging to get the little monsters out of my potted plants, to clean up the disaster, not to throw food on my floor, etc, while my own three sons looked on was just driving me insane. The parents were OBLIVIOUS and made no effort to reign the brats in. So I stopped inviting them over and did not send a forwarding address when I moved. ‘Tis a shame, but my life is less stressful for it.

    • http://www.momgadget.com/about Gayla

      NCWoman, isn’t it sad that some parents just don’t see how evil their children are and that they are causing people to distance themselves because of their brats?

      Thanks for commenting

    • sharifah

      I keep the friends but my rules are my rules in my house. And my friends KNOW that.

      It’s amazing how the kids who complain the most over my “rules” are the ones begging their parents to come back and visit again.

      Kids like predictable structure.

    • http://www.supersnark.blogspot.com SuperSnark

      New to the site but husband and I are fervent believers and followers of Jo the Wise – often use the “WWSD?” with our a six-year-old daughter, who is a routine fiend and well-behaved kid.

      Anyway, had a similar situation with bratty little friend. Awful – disruptive and destructive at Brownie meetings, at outings, etc. No structure in her life, haphazard parenting, watches whatever she wishes regardless of rating, is on ADD patch but also ingests a small country’s worth of sugar and caffeine each day. Then came to spend the night at my house (totally agree Sharifah – MY house, MY rules). No caffeine, limited sugar, enforced bedtime, you mess/you clean, limited/appropriate television, etc. PERIOD. Not interested in what you do at your house, sweetie. Whole family assumed she had a terrible time and would never want to come back again. Kicker was that she called us 10 minutes after leaving, asking when she could come back because she just LOVED it here. Just more proof – kids feel secure and loved when there is structure and gently enforced rules.

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    • http://gpqk7nqa.tripod.com/adultfriendfinder barbara

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    • Emily

      Hi I’m new to the site and this is exactly what i was hoping to find. Other parents, intrested in Jo’s approach and techniques, who also need some discussion about certian topics not touched on in the Supernanny episodes. Never will you see my problem on her show… My kid has rules, routine, love and she shows it. People at resturants and stores go on about how well behaved she is. She isn’t perfect. No one is. She has a problem with peer pressure. She is only 3 and already we struggle to explain why she can’t play with 2 of the neighborhood girls. Their parents let them run out in the streets and they are only 3 and 5. They are bossy and rude. They treat adults and children, including their parents, like trash. We are military and live on base. Bad thing is that we have to share a townhouse together. Both families use the back porch as a playroom and when their girls are playing and our little one is playing at the same time ours picks up their bad habits. And on days when it is nice outside and our daughter is playing in the yard (which is not fenced in) they send their kids out to play with her. I hate that. They are stingy and mean little brats and I do not want my child to play with them. I have tried the my house my rules thing but since they live next to us and share a yard with us they will just go to their side of the yard and be rude over there. To top it all off the dad is great and we dont want to hurt his feelings, they go to the same church as us and we dont know how to go about avoiding his children.

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