• Sun, Dec 3 2006

4 Steps on Avoiding Overspending with the 30-day Rule

overspendingMany people, especially because of the growing availability of credit cards, impulsively buy a lot of things that they actually don’t need, or even want. More often than not, the things we buy on impulse accumulate and eventually get us in deep financial trouble.

If you are one of the people who tend to overspend on unnecessary things and expenses, do not worry. You can overcome that nagging urge to buy that red dress or latest gadget with the help of the 30-day rule.

Step 1. If you suddenly felt compulsion or desire to buy something, especially if it is not on your list of basic necessities, you should immediately put it back on the shelf and head out the store. Do not think twice, just leave the item or politely walk away from the seller.

Remember that if you dwell on the store, it would be more difficult to resist the temptation to buy. No matter how small or insignificant the value of the item, if it is not necessary, leave and do not turn back.

Step 2. On a piece of paper, write down the item (together with price, date and name of store) of that which almost compelled you to spend. Sometimes, even just the idea of writing down the things that we almost bought will help us realize how much we don’t need that item.

Step 3. Place the paper with the information mentioned above on conspicuous spaces or places around the house. Ensure that you are constantly reminded of the “could’ve been” acquisition.

Step 4. Do not act out on your impulse over the next month. If you still want to buy that item, even after a month, then probably you really need or desperately want such an item. This way, we are not only teaching ourselves the value of temperance, we are also protecting our hard earned money from going to waste.

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