• Tue, Dec 12 2006

Importance of job location

My main office is 22 miles from my house according to Mapquest. That would mean that in a normal week I drive at least 220 miles. I hardly ever have an assignment closer to my house than our main office is.

My car gets approximately 30 miles per gallon which would mean that I would use about 7 1/3 gallons of gas in a week just driving to and from work. At $2.25/gallon, which is the going rate around here, that would be about $16.50/week in gas or $825/year if I subtract off two weeks of vacation time.

Since I’m not really in the mood to disclose how much I make at my job, I’ll make up a career. A legal administrative assistant in Chicago, IL makes about $42K/year, which is about $20/hr. So, assuming my personal numbers above are pretty average, that person would be working about 50 minutes a week just to pay for the gas of their commute.

That same person would spend about 80 minutes a work day in their car, or 400 minutes a week. That is 6 2/3 hours unpaid driving time per week.

Get rid of your commute, you save 6 2/3 hours a week of free labor and $16.50 of gas. If you can find a way to get paid for those extra 6 2/3 hours while you work from home, you can make nearly an extra $7000 per year during time when you would have otherwise been paying to drive.

Or you could just spend the extra time with your family. I have been enjoying this working from home the last few weeks. I had to drive into work for a couple hours to train somebody today. I am not looking forward to heading back to the office full time when this assignment is done.

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  • http://www.baldiness.com Bald Man

    A big Amen! I spent 5 years with a 40 mile one-way commute. It was all Interstate, so I could make the trip in 45-60 minutes generally. But, the still meant I was on the road for nearly 6 weeks straight – that’s 24-7! – over those five years. I don’t even want to think about the gas money, since I drove an old pick-up that got just over 20 MPG.

    Time is the cost we so often fail to consider.

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  • http://www.babylune.com Kate

    I hope more people think about making the home office commute a reality. It would save, not just time and money, but the environment and stress-related health care too.

  • http://www.hollyscorner.com Holly Schwendiman

    Ah the joyous discussin of commuting…been there, done that, doing that again. LOL Here’s hoping that the goals of being able to diminish or eliminate the commute for dh happens for us in the next year and a half. ;o)

    Holly’s Corner

  • http://islandlife808.com local girl

    I think that we should be able to write off what we spend on gas and maintaining the car.

  • http://noplacelikeit.blogspot.com Jennifer

    In a fit of transportation commute depression I figured out how much of my life (per year) I spent commuting based on 2.5 hours a day/5 days a week in suburban trains and metro…

    It was very ugly but a good reality check.

    Time is a commodity that we can never get back.