You Caught Me(me)!

I was just minding my own business, peacefully catching up on some blog reading while my two-year-old napped and my four-year-old watched “Maya & Miguel,” when I was attacked by a meme! Jennifer from The Lactivist invited me to a “come as you are” blog party. I was instructed to take a picture of myself as soon as possible after receiving the invitation, and post the picture along with a description of what I was doing at the time the picture was taken.

I grabbed my digital camera, found two new batteries and stole two old ones from the TiVo remote (I vaguely recall a dire warning about not mixing old and new batteries, but I risked it all for you, people!), and I asked my four-and-a-half-year-old to take this picture of me about five minutes ago:


I’m sitting in my computer room/study, which has fresh paint on the walls along with fresh crayon and pencil drawings by my toddler (time to break out the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser again). The hardwood floors are newly re-finished and the only reason the computer desk is relatively clean is that we just moved the furniture back into the room. The blue chair is a hand-me-down from my old law firm. The firm gave away its old chairs and I gladly snagged that one. My cats gladly “snagged” that one too–you can see they use it as a scratching post. That’s Lily snuggling with me as I read. She’s sitting on my winter coat, and we are both resting against the headrest that fell off into the seat and I left there because it makes a wonderful back support!

I’m eating leftover Oriental Cabbage Noodle Salad that I made for a La Leche League potluck lunch meeting earlier today.

Before I tag some people to participate in the meme, here’s one more photo, just because it’s cute and I downloaded it with my picture:


Okay, I tag Hsien, because I know she always has her camera at the ready, and Tanya, because I’ve never seen a picture of her. Play by the rules girls and come as you are. No running off to put on make-up (I was sorely tempted to cheat)!

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    • Hsien Lei

      I was picking my nose but I didn’t think that would be appropriate. :D Pic coming up!

    • Angela

      Hee! Caught you!

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    • Jax

      had to come see who else was coming to the party with me – love the pic :)

    • Tanya

      My picture is finally up!


    • Angela

      Jax, thanks for stopping by!

      Tanya, great to “see” you!!