Breast Pumps for Men

Oh dear Lord! What is this? Well Googa Baby brought it to our attention the nifty breast pump for men. What have we turned into people? Am I the only one who finds this disturbing? I guess the reasoning behind this has to do with the whole sympathy thing. There are pregnancy suits that are available for men to wear so they can experience what their beloved pregnant spouse is going through. Ok I would never do it and I guess that isn’t too disturbing, just weird. But to actually have a breast pump for men? This has to be a gag gift of some sort or some perverted male sex toy.


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    • Sam

      oooooooooo – this is sooo weird!

      wud never go near one of those things – its just not natural…its probably designed for pervy old men, lol!

    • Karen

      I can’t imagine wasting my money on such a thing. I guess I’m just too thrifty.

      What will they think of next? And will this thing actually sell?

    • steve

      Sam, I am sure you’re right about it being designed by some perv. Had to be.

      Karen, I am sure they would get some sales but I wouldn’t count on making millions from it that’s for sure… lol

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    • D Chavez

      I was just wondering.. where does soemone get a pregnancy suit for men. My wife has been bugging me to put one on to see how it feels to be a preger.

    • Imminent

      i think it would be a good idea, i wouldn’t mind breasts and at least babies would have someone other than their mothers

    • Adam

      Did you read the the post or watch the video? It’s fairly obviously not a breast pump for men, it’s a standard breast pump for breast feeding mothers which is being tried out for comic purposes by a man.

    • raymon

      men can produce enough breast milk to feed a child. Men have milk glands just like a women and with proper stimulation will produce milk. Say mother dies in child birth and father wants to feed the child. Do research before you say it has to be for pervy old men. Stupid people are 2nd in line to perves.

    • http://www shemar

      ys i AGREE WTH U

    • jim

      hay sam i have very large breast 38 c and i guess if i needed it i would buy one oh and i am 33 years old and married and i love my BREAST so it is not a oldman thing lots of men have breast and need bras are they pervs to AND TO ALL THE WOMEN THAT UUNDERSTAND THANKYOU SO MUCH JIM `