Saving money at resale shops

I am always saving money by going to my local Once Upon a Child.  It is the local resale shop for children’s clothes.  Now we have a Plato’s Closet for name brand teenage clothes.  Turns out, I was right.  According to Suburban Journal,

16-18% of Americans will shop at thrift stores and 12-15% at resale shops.

I love saving money by shopping there for KM’s clothes.  I can get an entire outfit for less than $5.  Right now I am in the mood for a cheap second diaper champ.  I like mine so much that I need to put another one in the nursery.  So I will probably get another one at a yard sale or my local resale shop.  It’s just a great way to save money.

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    • Chrissy

      Hey! I figure, from the newly open(ed? ing?) Pandora’s, and your comment in your about you that you’re enjoying the mountains of Virginia that you live in or around the Star City, here… If so, you should check out the local Freecycle group ( so far as I know, you can just go to the yahoo groups, and search for This city VA, freecycle…

    • Angie

      I’m right there with ya on the $5 outfit, sista! We have Kid to Kid (, a chain of kid stuff resale shops and I adore it. We got our Champ from there. Our high chair, too, as well as tons of toys and clothes.

      I can’t wait until the church consignment sales begin this spring!

    • kellys

      I know! There are so many ways to save money with kids clothes. I just can’t imagine spending full price on any clothes for my kids for a while. They don’t kwow any better yet :)