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Many of the Stay at Home Dads I come across daily, can really feel trapped. What I mean by this is their wife is out in the workplace pulling long hours while you play blocks and change stinky diapers. When I first started the role as a full time SAHD I knew I was doing something wonderful. I was investing into my family. I was doing the right thing, and I knew it. But as time went by I had lots of time to think. Two major things came to mind:

1) What if something happened and my wife couldn’t work anymore? It could be something as simple as losing the job position somehow or even as severe as death. It is tough to think about those things but when you now have to look after several children you always want a back up plan.

2) I also thought how long I would be playing this role. Of course we keep having children but someday they will all be in school and this will give me time to go to work. I knew that I had to come up with a plan so when that time came it wouldn’t be a surprise.

As the kids got older I discovered I had a few hours to myself throughout the day. Those times were during nap time and late at night after the kids were in bed. So I began seeking out ways to make money. I created an online network and used advertising as a way to generate some income. My primary concern was just to make enough money to pay for my websites.

But I also learned that you can actually blog and make money. Is it really possible to blog and earn some type of income? and how much?

Well, if you are sitting at home right now and you have time to begin a new hobby, then you should look into blogging and making some extra money. It isn’t easy, but it can be done with dedication and a bit of knowledge. This leads me to a blogger who is very successful and teaches others how to blog and actually make money from it. Darren Rowse is Pro Blogger. I have learned a great deal from Darren and he is a great example. But here is the kicker. Darren just had a new baby not too long ago and is staying home, blogging, and making a living. A good living.

There are several good articles to browse through that Darren has written up that can get you on your way.

If your first question is what the heck is a blog? Make sure to read Darren’s article: What is a Blog?

Here are some others you should read:

How Blogs Make Money Online
Blogging for Beginners
Blogging for Dollars
Adsense – Tips for Bloggers
Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Those are just a few. If you read those and you want to start blogging and making money let me know and I can help you get started. But make sure to subscribe to Darren’s blog and follow it. I know I do. Reading his blog will be a big part of blogging for yourself. He is like a free consultant, where you can read all is helpful tips any time you want.

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    • Peter

      Network marketing is another way for SAHD to earn an extra paycheck. As an industry it is really taking off.

    • Darren

      Thanks for your kind and generous words Steve! I do appreciate your post :-)

    • steve

      Peter, sorry I overlooked your comment. You are right, it is unreal how blogging is really another option for employment.

      Darren, thanks for dropping in. I have learned tons of info from your blog and with my online ventures I have been able to enjoy a half way decent return. Still much more to learn from you. :D

    • Pam

      I do not have a website, however I have been reading some about blogging for a way to make money from home, I was injured at work several years ago and have not been able to return to a job outside the home, as you know in this day and time a two income family is a necessity if you want to survive.I would like some informaton on how to start your own blog preferably at a site that you do not have to pay a monthly fee at least to start out and I have no idea on how to begin.Congradulations on being a stay at home Dad, I think it is wonderful not a lot of men feel this is something they would want to do and it to me shows a great love for your wife and family and a wonderful dedication that more fathers could use. Bravo!!!