• Tue, Jan 16 2007

Free Pattern to Make Your Own Baby Booties

bitty-booties-blue.jpgThings have gotten so crafty around here lately with all sorts of patterns and instructions for how to make lots of breastfeeding and baby accessories. When I saw these adorable baby booties and the free downloadable pattern from Heather Bailey (via Kiddley), I couldn’t resist sharing them too. You can make these Bitty Booties from any combination of thick wool suiting, high-quality felt, leather or ultra-suede. The instructions offer patterns for sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months but I suspect you could readily adapt the pattern for larger sizes. For inspiration and wonderfully creative ideas for how to decorate your own Bitty Booties, take a look at the flickr pool of over 100 photos of completed projects!

bitty-booties-felt.jpgNow don’t get the mistaken impression that I have time to sit around and make crafts all day long. I realize that new mothers aren’t going to have a lot of free time on their hands! This would be a fun project to make while you’re pregnant or to give as a baby gift. Of course, if you think these Bitty Booties would be adorable on your own child (who wouldn’t?!) then I hope you’ll enjoy taking the time out to sew this rewarding project!

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  • Grandmother

    These are darling booties! Easy to make, and a great idea for all ages, really. Thank you for posting practical and useful ideas! Perfect for Grandmothers’ projects.

  • http://breastfeeding.blog.motherwear.com Tanya

    These are so cute! Printed it out for someday…

  • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela

    “Someday” for me too – my husband says I’m not “allowed” :) to start a new sewing project until I’ve finished the last one (generally a good rule, I grudgingly admit). I still need to sew some ties on the last batch of baby bibs!

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  • http://www.geocities.com/myfreediaperpattern Marianne

    How kick proof are these?
    They are DARLING!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • ntionia anna


  • ntionia anna


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  • Jennifer

    Look easy, cute and relatively fast to make. Someone is creative to think this up.

  • Amy

    I made these and they are so cute and easy to make!! thankyou for sharing the pattern with us!!

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  • Marilyn Stimac

    The booties are darling. Please send me the pattern

  • native momma

    These look like the little moccasins I make for my kids :) I never thought to use felt! what a great idea!

  • Rebecca Jacks

    Just heard about a nursing wrap; for breathing feeding. But you know what it is. Just want to thank you. This is A GREAT SITE.