• Tue, Jan 23 2007

Where’s the Trans Fat in Your Diet Coming From?

Trans fat is quickly becoming the new nicotine. It’s undergoing a strangely Vanilla Ice-ish transformation from being a regular part of everyone’s day into something that is loathed, hated and shaves questionable lines into its sideburns. But where’s the hydrogenated darling actually coming from? Some of the answers are surprising, some aren’t. Without further ado:

Average Daily Trans Fat Intake is 5.8 Grams or 2.6 Percent of Calories

  • 40% – cakes, cookies, crackers, pies, bread, etc.
  • 21% – animal products
  • 17% – margarine
  • 8% – fried potatoes
  • 5% – potato chips, corn chips, popcorn
  • 4% – household shortening
  • 3% – salad dressing
  • 1% – breakfast cereal
  • 1% – candy

Source: US FDA

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  • http://fitsugar.com FitSugar

    It is crazy that trans fat hasn’t been taken out of margarine yet since so many folks think of it as a healthy alternative to butter.

  • http://counterclockwisecomedy.com keister

    Who is that in the picture?

  • Wade

    Keister, it’s not me!

    Fitsugar, I’m also continually surprised by the amount of people who consider margarine a healthy alternative to butter.  Thanks for jumping in here, it’s nice to have you around.