• Thu, Jan 25 2007

Small handmade, quick and easy foamcore looms

My dear friend, Terri Bibby, is a weaver extraordinaire.

She teaches and practices the art of Saori weaving, and weaving as a contemplative, peacemaking process.

She’s an amazing, gentle and wonderful soul that I am blessed to call friend.

Terri has a lovely blog, and she has just posted instructions on how to make ‘bookmark looms’ from foamcore. So, if you want a simple introduction to weaving, check out her blog:


You’ll be glad you did…..




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  • http://www.saltspringweaving.com Terri

    Thanks so much Noreen! I had written a post on my blog about weaving with the women at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver and I mentioned that besides the SAORI loom and the Peace Banners we were making, I took along some simple Foamcore looms so that the women could continue weaving and make things for themselves and for others.

    I had many requests for more information on these little looms and so did this series of posts.

  • http://www.hankeringforyarn.com Noreen

    Yes, I remember that, Terri :)
    I am thrilled at the way you are using weaving as a healing art. You are opening all kinds of doorways with this gentle, ancient artform. Bless your heart!

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