London Toy Fair Adventure Part 3: Fashion Angels

Fashion Angel Living Doll- DeboContinuing my series on London Toy Fair 2007. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

After having some fun with the Aquapalz virtual pets, the Fashion Angels beckoned. Kerri and I have written mostly about Barbie and Bratz dolls but Fashion Angels seem like a better alternative to either. Produced by The Bead Shop, Fashion Angels are larger than the average Barbie or Bratz doll at 15 inches and are plush dolls instead of plastic. Their faces are embroidered and they wear wigs that can be changed.

The Fashion Angel Living Doll pictured is named Debo. Her profile says that she loves to design fashion and hope to have her own clothing line. Her pet peeves are school uniforms and people without their own original style. (Judgmental little thing, isn’t she?) The multicultural Fashion Angels also includes Bebe, Izzy, and Lulu (very Sloane).

Fashion AngelsAlthough Fashion Angels might not appeal to mothers who are above such frivolities ;) , they are well made and perky rather than trashy (Bratz) and not so provocative (Barbie). Their wardrobe is amazing – glitter, sequens, and leopard print trims all sturdily tailored for endless changes of ensemble. Fashion Angels Enterprises also include a vast range of accessories including doll houses, sketchbooks, pens, magnetic dress-up doll sets, and Design Studio Sets where children can design clothing for 15-inch paper dolls. Their website also has a Fan Club where kids can send in their fashion designs. I was pretty impressed with the children’s creations.

A Google Fight between Fashion Angels and Bratz has Fashion Angels winning by almost 4 to 1. Barbie, however, wins over Fashion Angels by almost 35 to 1. And as you can see from the poll in our sidebar, Barbie is winning out over Bratz.

If I had to choose from the three, I think I’d have more fun with Fashion Angels. What do you think?

NB: I really wanted to take a picture of the Fashion Angels at Toy Fair with all their accoutrements, but was told that it was not allowed. I have no idea why. Next time I’ll be more pushy and ask. Forgive me for I am but a fledgling journalist.

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    • Kerri Aldrich

      You fledgling journalist, you. :D Will have to check these out. They seem a good alternative to the other options. Very cute, though it would have been nice if you’d had a free sample to work with and write about! :D

    • Hsien-Hsien Lei

      Kerri: lol I’m so embarrassed. The dolls were very cute. Not so cuddly but I’m guessing tweens wouldn’t be so interested in that aspect. Dressing them up must be a lot of fun.

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    • moda

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