Carnival Of Positive Thinking

Welcome to the January 28, 2007 edition of positive thinking.

Debra Moorhead presents You Can Change the World, One Day, One Task at a Time posted at Debra, saying, “This is not an original article, but it fits well with your purpose. Enjoy!”

Ananga Sivyer presents Paying into the Blessings Bank posted at Answers from Ayurveda.

burningchrome presents How To Snap Yourself Out of a Funk posted at SmartCoolRich – Consolidated Privileged Information.

Shamelle presents Dale Carnegie Guide To A Happier YOU posted at Enhance Life.

Anna presents Would you let your money lose interest? posted at The Engaging Brand.

Katie presents Quit doubting yourself and tap into your assets already posted at Aridni, saying, “Thanks for hosting!”

Debra Moorhead presents 9 Ways to Increase Your Energy Level posted at Debra

Karl Staib presents I’ve Decided My Job is Now My Hobby posted at 10,000 Swimming Pools Inside Our Minds.

Matthew Paulson presents Your Money: Why Focused Intensity Is All You Need posted at Getting Green.

Maria Yu presents How Not to Gain Weight posted at Life.

Karen Lynch presents Expectations posted at LivethePower.

Craig Harper presents Beliefs posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “We handicap ourselves if we’re not regularly re-assessing all, or some, of our beliefs. Don’t believe something just because your dad did. Maybe your dad was wrong! Too many people struggle through life, crippled by their destructive beliefs. Self-imposed (totally unnecessary) limitations.”

oovs presents 10 Days to a Better Life posted at LifeTraining – Online

MabelandHarry presents Lesson from Tiger Woods at MabelandHarry.

almomento presents Balance Your Life With a Feng Shui Cleanse posted at BurstCreativity.

Talia Mana presents Pursuit of money linked to depression posted at Emotional Well-Being, saying, “Affluenza, an obsessive, envious, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses pursuit of money, can lead to depression, anxiety and unhappiness.”

David Maister presents Relationships and Romance – new careers podcast episode posted at Passion, People and Principles, saying, “The 6 Rules of Romance can help make all of your relationships more mutually supportive and fulfulling.”

Raymond David Salas presents How to Have Beginner’s Luck posted at – Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul, saying, “Beginner’s luck will keep you in a positive state-of-mind.”

Sean J. Vaughan (on behalf of the author Dan Barker) presents Dancing with Death posted at Reason and Rhyme, saying, “In this colorful painting, Jacquelinne White depicts a woman in the autumn of her years gently and courageously “dancing” with death.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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