Small Business For Life


When I was a teen, my parents divorced. While that is devastating to all families in and of itself, the most dramatic part of it was my mother was left with no money of her own.

She was able to barely pay the bills, but she hadn’t saved a dime for her future…and this state of affairs affected me from that point on.

Even today, even though I’ve been married for more than 20 years, I am very sensitive about having my own money.

One of the reasons I even considered starting a business of my own was to protect my future.

Prior to my “small business light bulb moment”, my husband had some health issues. He’s fine of course. But at the time, I was scared to death.

I kept thinking I would end up like my mother…with nothing. Without being someone’s wife what would life mean? How would I exist?

What would my contribution to the world be?

So, I decided that I needed to create a new reality for myself…not as a wife, but as a small business owner.

I am working feverishly to make my business and my financial independence a success.

I’m not saying that you have to imagine your partner’s demise, but I am saying that all women should find their own financial independence and their own vocation that is truly meaningful.

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    • Char

      Kim, I am in absolute agreement with you on this one. Not only do I want to be financially in control in the event of divorce or death, I have my own business as a means of maintaining my own sense of self.

      Some of the most unhappy women I have met are those who gave everything they had into their marriage and to raising their children. Once their children are grown they are lost. You have to maintain your own identity – through a hobby, a passion, a business or a career – at least that is my opinion.

    • GirlPaint (Guin)

      Although none of us likes to think of these unpleasantries, I appreciate your candor and advice. I know you’ll succeed, K, in your business. Your passion and determination will keep you going while you get it off the ground, and as soon as you’re there (it seems to take forever–ours sure seemed to anyway), you’ll wish for a slow day…and you’ll love every minute of it (okay, maybe not ‘every minute’ but you’ll sure appreciate it!).

    • Kim

      Hi Char, thanks for visiting…

      You’ve said what I was thinking better than I did…and shorter too! (:)

      It is not easy running a small business by one’s self…but it sure beats corporate land.

    • Kim

      Hi Guin,

      Thanks for returning…you’re business idea is fabulous…and I wish you much success.

      As I said to Char, it IS difficult some days…there are times when I scare myself silly with worry and self-doubt…but on those days when a client has something nice to say, or I get a little press coverage…my heart does sing.

    • Bill Dueease

      Mothers who want to start their own business, or enter the working world have a wonderful assortment of skills, experiences, knowledge, and more importantly a strong desire to increase self awareness to tap into to truly succeed. When mothers actually recognize what they want and their own assets, they can achieve outstanding successes. The biggest obstacle facing mothers is their own misunderstanding of their true value.

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