• Wed, Feb 7 2007

Love at the office

Well, that was kind of a mis-leadng title, eh?

Since the b5 Media Family and Relationships Channel’s Blog Carnival theme is “love”, for a moment, I wasn’t sure how it would fit in here at Career and Kids. But, then I quickly realized, that for most of us, our love for our children is one of the reasons we do the career thing.
When love for your kids meets your office:

  • You wear a macaroni necklace to a meeting
  • You have no lunch money in your pocket, but, you do have an extra pacifier in there
  • Your desk drawer contains a new box of crayons, and, paper for emergency visits
  • Your art on the office wall consist of at least one “original” piece.
  • Lunch occasionally means getting a Happy Meal at McDonald’s in hopes of getting the “hot” toy, while your co-workers enjoy grown-up fare.
  • Even though people may dread seeing you coming, you (if permitted, naturally), take a deep breath, and, try to sell some wrapping paper or a few candy bars for the school fund raiser.

Sometimes these signs of love may be “appropriate”, sometimes not, but, they sure do make the days easier.

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  • http://www.wearyparent.com Char

    Or in my case – somedays I share my office with my youngest member of my firm’s “creative staff”. Like today – I have to check her creations on Barbie.com while blogging away and building a site for a client. But I will miss my officemate in September when she goes off to school!

  • http://shootthemoose.blogspot.com Slartibartfast

    I probably overdo the kid pictures and their original artwork in my office.

    But like you said, it sure makes the days easier looking at them and remembering why I do this.

    Oh, and about that school fundraiser…

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