Free Video on Baby Massage Techniques

This video is practically worth watching just for the seven and a half minutes of adorable baby goodness! In those seven and a half minutes though you will learn all about how to give your baby a soothing massage. Massage can help promote growth, improve digestion and soothe a colicky baby.

VideoJug: How To Massage Your Baby For Health And Happiness

Have you tried infant massage? Did it help your baby?

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    • Nancy

      I am concerned that anyone would post a massage video online much less one for your infant. I think that anyone watching this should be very cautious! Massage Therapists have had many hours of eduction and are certified by state and national standards. I do think that parents can give a child a massage-BUT I feel it would be best to consult a professional for a one on one session. I would hate for someone to hurt their child.(i.e. just because you watch an episode of E.R. does not make you a doctor) You can cause serious damage to a child or an adult without the proper eduction.

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    • Ashlynn Fryman

      My name is Ashlynn and I am within 2 months of graduating from Massage School, and i am very interested in the infant massage. the video full of great information.

    • wing yan

      to whom it may concern
      i am really appreciate the video showing baby massage in ur web, but pls is there any method that i can have one of the copy of this video, because i would like to teach to my clients in my clinic…..thank you very much…..

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      The video is property of VideoJug. Try contacting VideoJug through the link below the video.

    • http://videojug jackie

      I really enjoyed your video on baby massage for health & happiness. Do you have any videos for a pregnancy belly massage, or, pregnancy massage in general. I’d really appreciate any video that you could share with me. Thanks so much. Jackie Charron

    • Amanda

      As an infant massage instructor I would like to say that there is nothing in this video that has a potential for harming your baby. All gentle, loving and intentional touch is beneficial. That being said my cautions are as follows: 1. Be sure that your oil/lotion is natural and edible. IE olive/coconut oil 2. As with the “I Love U” stroke, be sure to always massage in a clockwise direction over the belly, as is the direction of the intestines.
      In addition, however, a one on one session with a certified infant massage instructor will offer more ideas, more confidence, more benefits and the knowledge of those benefits when it comes to infant massage. This video offers a good start, but is by no means all inclusive of what infant massage has to offer.
      I wanted to make this comment, so that you can feel confident to use these techniques on your child, as they ARE beneficial. Also, so that those without the financial means, or otherwise, to attend a professional class, are still able to enjoy some benefits of infant massage.


      Goodmorning!I congratulate you for having a very nice video about breastfeeding,it really helps a lot to the mothers who wants to practice exclusive breastfeeding.I just want to ask favor if you can provide me a video that I can use to the community,I know this will be a great help to the mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.Thank you.

    • Raj K

      I want videos for 2 months baby massage and breastfeeding tips and also bathing tips