• Wed, Feb 21 2007

Genpets – Genetically Engineered Pets


Ahhh! Not a good thing to look at if you’re prone to nightmares. The creators of Genpets, Bio.Genica, claim to use “zygote micro injection” to combine DNA from different species. Genpets come with color-coded personalities and a heart monitor that tells you if your Genpet has already kicked the bucket. They hibernate while still in the package but upon awakening, they bond with the first person they see just like baby ducklings. They’re touted to be:

  • Allergen Free
  • Child Safe
  • Low Maintenance
  • Life Perfected

No mention of psychological trauma induced by seeing nasty genetically engineered putty babies around the house.*

*Genpets are actually biotech art.

via Medgadget

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  • http://health-counterspin.blogspot.com Emily

    Holy Frankenstein’s housepet, Batman… that is truly creepy…

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  • http://www.xanga.com/abommel Mike

    Wow! That’s an awesome present. But I wonder how to keep those tiny little pets healthy.

  • http://www.flupatrol.com Grace

    ugh! i’d rather have an ugly live animal, anytime.

  • kailey

    ugh those things are fake
    google it
    it’s a hoax
    ever wonder why you can’t buy them from the site?
    it says they aren’t ready yet
    but that bs

  • http://newgrounds.com ben dish

    1.)WHAT IS IT

  • http://www.hi5.come Rina

    This is HORRIBLE!!
    How can humans play with lives like this??
    The next thing we would find in stores are some paralized babies warped in cartoon n’ soled just like some potato chips or dolles :(

    There r thousands of animals n’ even HUMANS who r still in search of a safe home while those people are adding to the misories of the world instead of helping out those living creatures!

    Souls of the livings are THIS wothless?!!! They don’t worth a thing? Sold like that just for some DIRTY dollers?!!!

  • Johan

    i do not think that they are real animals BUT i do think i will buy on if it comes out to the stores^^
    PS: It looks like a alien!

  • Kiara

    this is total rubbish, i cant believe that they’re adverstising this mess these freaky lil things do not need to be handed to anyone

  • http://q80.com q8y

    its impossible to a human to create any other living things. !! ??

    he can make only the body but he CANT put a SOUL in it…

    that is things only our CREATOR can do …

  • moji

    it’s like a miracle,i’m gonna love them

  • Pari

    Take a look at this website, it has some useful descriptions: http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/genpets.asp

  • eli

    it is impossible because only creator can do …
    it is only toy

  • eli

    it is impossible because only creator can do …
    it is only a toy

  • http://www.blogit247.com Mia

    I was shocked when I first came across the Genpets website, but then came to discover there was a message which the Canadian artist Adam Bandejs wanted to get across to the public.

  • miro

    this is completely disgusting…I can’t believe how did they allow to themselves to do that?!…they don’t respect the humanity!!
    Oh god!!your mercy and your help!!

  • Sohail

    It looks like sci-fi. Because it is sci-fi. It is to make people hate science. Meaningless propaganda against scientific research. To show genetic researchers as nasty bad men, and eventually put more pressure against research, and worst, psychological hatered against science. Links to them are spreading ridiculously fast. Many people won’t ever understand these are fake, and their traumatic image will be kept in the minds of masses… Good dirty idea.

  • Alejandro

    Anyone who like this has serious issues. This is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen.

    This has to create a serious psychological, emotional and intellectual damage to any kid.

  • peter

    Hey People this is just ART!!! it was created by Adam Brandejs!!! google it!!! is not real.

  • Sabrina

    How could they even make this crap? Only the creator can do that! What’s happening to the world?? These things creep me out…I want one to see if it’s true or not…these people who mess with animals are crazy…what the heck is that supposed to be anyway?

  • sherif

    I have a quistion?
    what will happend if we take it out the case?

  • http://www.cats.com cat biologist

    Oh, and you need to keep the cats in the case for at least 3 weeks before the cat is mature enough to be taken out.