5 Physical Differences Between Women and Men

women and men

Besides just our genitalia, women and men have a lot not-in-common…

  1. We see differently. Men have better distance vision and depth perception, and usually better vision in lighted environments. Women have better night vision, see better at the red end of the light spectrum, and have better visual memory. Women blink twice a much as men.
  2. We hear differently. Women are more sensitive to sound than men, and when women begin to lose their hearing, they lose it more gradually across all wavelengths, while men are more likely to lose it from the high or low tones of the hearing range.
  3. Men are 10-15% larger than women. And 30% physically stronger, especially on the upper body.
  4. Women have fewer slow twitch muscle fibers (the muscle cells that work best for endurance activities). The fact that women have a higher percentage of body fat than men means we can supply fuel to our muscles longer than men. Research at Northwester University indicated that in an analysis of world-record times in events on land, in water, or on ice, the longer the event the better the women perform in comparison to men.
  5. Women remember people better than men. “Women have an advantage when it comes to remembering things like the physical features, clothing and postures of other people. This advantage might be due to women being slightly more people-oriented than men are.” said Terrence Horgan, lead author of a study in interpersonal sensitivity and research fellow in psychology at Ohio State University.
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    • Maryphet

      WOMEN outlives men…!!

    • bk

      men have to live with women; ergo, that;s why females in our society live longer.

      And you wonder why men prefer latin american women to their fat, smelly North american wives with their perverse attitudes and narcissism :)

    • Lance

      I find it interesting that whenever comparisons are made they are almost always made by women trying to make women sound “better” then men either through “spin” or by leaving out pro-male differences (except for the obvious: physical strength/size).

      For instance, while women have more slow twitch muscles, men have more fast twitch making giving them faster reaction times.

      Men are more likely to be risk takers therefore they are more likely to start a company or work their way to the top.

      While women are more likely to live longer, research suggests that the differences in longevity have less to do with biology and more to do with the facts that women are more likely to go to the Dr., are less likely to die in war/violence/etc, and generally live healthier lives (which is sad since in this day and age governments are spending far more on women’s health then men’s – sexism hard at work again).

      My point: both genders have strengths and weaknesses, however there is a ton of overlap and all of these so-called “differences” are mostly averages. There are very few if any “clear cut” differences (except for genitalia – and even that is debatable).

    • Diane Shields-Bush

      Since time began men have had the upper hand and blamed things on women or pushed it on them.

    • JO

      Taking risks can also be associated with behavior and environment. It is still a male-dominated business world.

    • Nathan

      I agree with Lance. This is yet another assault on men. I have rarely heard men say women are inferior, but many women, even teachers, constantly claim how superior they are.

    • Patty H

      This explains why some women will hold up traffic for blocks waiting for someone to turn left, instead of just going around the car when the turning car is in the middle turn lane. Some women simply can not see that there is obviously room to go around the car instead of holding up traffic.

      God made men and women with different purposes in life. We each have specific gifts that God gave us that make us equally important, but not equally made.

      If women were truly as smart as men, why have very few women won “Who Wants to be a Millionare”?

    • http://twitter.com/city_ville cityville

      i was beginning to reckon i might be the sole gentleman whom thought about this, at least currently i comprehend i’m not loonie :) i am going to be sure to go and visit a number of various other threads right after i get some caffeine in me, adios for now :)

    • J Jones

      I was hoping I was going to learn something useful from this thread. It started off fine, but quickly went into who is better. From what I understand, men are built to hunt and provide; tunnel vision, heat going to the extremities, faster reflexes, and more strength. Women, are built to nurture and protect; peripheral vision, drawing heat in to protect the womb.. I wanted to know if there was more than this. Instead I got a biased report claiming to be scientific.

    • Andrew

      Thus is the way of the internet, Someone using half truth to try to convince people of a whole lie. If you could be so kind as to help the world out, Stop researching ways to make yourselves look better, and actually be better. That goes for the males and females of this little area. Sitting here and bickering about something that has been universal truth since the dawn of man(Difference between the genders), Isn’t bettering anything. Instead, It makes you all look like fools.

      As an afterthought, Why am I even trying, Humanity as a whole can’t better anything, We only destroy.

    • barry shaw

      This was a poor description of intellect , in the night vison of men versus women stay off the internet and just beat off,obviously you are talking to a dumbed down generation as yourself. You people are so ignorant, as I said plural,it took more than one of you idiots to put this together. b. shaw

    • adithyan sylvester

      this article is fully true and good job done!people who gave negative remarks should look on the effort made for this article.