How to buy diapers on a budget

Pampers diapers

Having a new baby on the way reminds me of the fact that we buy way too many “cute” things for the new arrival instead of focusing on the neccessities. We don’t need 50 onezies or 5 million socks. However, buying a pack of diapers from the same store in different sizes and brands each time you go will help you not have to absorb the cost all at once when the baby gets here.

Why the same store, different sizes, and different brands? Each baby is different, so different diapers will work for each baby. You want different sizes because, I promise, the little tike will not stay the same size. But buying from the same store will ensure that you only have to exchange once when you find the right brand for the new baby.

I buy a pack of diapers each week. A different size each week.

  • Week 1 of the month – size one or 2
  • Week 2 – size 3
  • Week 3 – size 4
  • Week 4 – wipes

The system works for me becuase at this time, I am not having to buy all the essentials that come with a new born and it will save you a quick run to the store when you run out without knowing it.

Just a tip!

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    • Angie at Baby Cheapskate

      Hi Kelly,

      I’m all for asking for diapers as gifts, too. What about you?

      I don’t have the storage room to stock up like you suggest, but I wonder if using a growth chart could help you predict how many of each size diaper you may need. My son, for example, has been in size 3s for almost a year. That’s a LOT of size 3s. Hmmm. I’m off to a little blog I know to work that out in a post.

    • kellys

      KM has been in size 4 for almost 9 months as well. She will probably potty train out of these.

      I love the idea of a diaper shower for a second baby. Especially if you are having the same gender.

    • Karen

      I asked for diapers with the second baby. I did that because I had most of the big stuff – exersaucer, swing, etc. I knew that even if I asked for diapers there would be a few to buy me clothes. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I got annoyed with the clothes I received for both of my kids. It’s because they were both born in July, so people would buy the summer outfits that were on clearance. The problem was they would buy a 3-6 month outfit. I don’t know about you, but neither of my kids came out wearing a 3-6 months so it was winter before they could wear the outfits.

      Size 3 diapers was the size I used most with both of my kids too. My little boy just moved up to a 4 a few months ago. I lucked out on size 3′s one day. I went to Target and for some reason the cases of size 3 Pampers were marked 1/2 price at $13! I double checked the price and it was only the size 3′s. So I bought 5 cases with a Target gift card I got as a gift. I wish I could find a deal like that again.

    • kellys

      I wish you would find a deal like that for me too!! :)

    • Revka

      Hmmm, our Target had their cases of sizes 3-5 priced at $13.49 when I was there Thursday night.

      We, too, stocked up whenever we knew a new baby was coming, and since we have 3 girls, we received a lot of diapers as baby gifts as well. My last two babies’ stashes lasted for 6 months.

    • Karen

      Wow. I’ll have to go to our Target tomorrow and take a look. I like to pay 10-15 cents each for diapers.