• Mon, Feb 26 2007

5 Ways Management and Parenting Really the Same Thing

Since both parenting and management are all about the art of getting things done, one good thing about being a working parent is that you really don’t have to learn two entire sets of management skills, since sometimes, it’s really all the same:

1. Time Management – keep everyone on task

Work: “I’d love to discuss this all day, but, let’s put that idea in the ‘parking lot’, so we can get to the rest of our agenda”

Home: “I’d love to play that game all day, but, let’s put that in the toy box, so we can go eat lunch.”

2. Delegation – getting the work done by someone else

Work: “You’ve shown me that you’re ready to start producing the TPS Report.”

Home: “You’ve shown me that you’re old enough to start doing laundry”.

3. Presentation Skills – bringing people together to plan

Work: First, you have to get their attention.

Home: First, you have to get their attention.

4. Oral Communication – efficient and effective so there are no misunderstandings

Work: “Again, I want to make sure everyone understands that…”

Home: “How many times do I have to tell you…?”

5. Budget Skills

Work: “I’m not giving you money for that.”

Home: “I’m not giving you money for that.”

So, you see, there are efficiencies to be realized in managing both career and kids, if you just know where to look.

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  • http://www.fixinsupper.com lcreekmo

    Hahahah, this is brilliant! True all around.

  • http://mytinykingdom.com Anne Glamore

    Right on the money!

  • http://rjlight.wordpress.com rjlight

    Work: “You’ve shown me that you can handle more responsibility and should start managing.”
    Home: “You’ve shown me that you can be responsible and now you can stay at your friends house later.”

    Great post!

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