• Wed, Feb 28 2007

Krispy Kreme Introduces Whole Wheat Donut

Fatty Kreme

Can you say oxy-moron?

Krispy Kreme unveiled a whole wheat doughnut Monday in Chicago. There’s no word as to whether Chi-town approves or has given the whole wheat the famous Chicago raspberry cheer.

If you’re thinking healthy, think again. The 100 percent whole wheat doughnut isn’t likely to show up on any diet or in the recommended column for a marathoner’s menu. It does boast 10 percent fewer calories than the K. Kreme we’ve all come to love. However, it still tows 180 calories, and packs 19 grams of carbos. The carbo count is also an improvement over the original model’s 22 grams.

As a Chicago Sun Times reporter wrote, “the whole wheat edition is about equal to a nutrient-packed energy bar but without the nutients, unless one includes caramel and glazed sugar as important food groups.” Hm-m-m; let me check my list of food groups . . .

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  • o-line

    as conan o’brien said last night:

    “whole wheat donut?… yeah, its called a bagel.”

  • jorn

    Uhm, I had one of these two weeks ago in Minneapolis (apple Valley, specifically.) So, it was not “unveiled…Monday in Chicago.”

    But it was yummy. Silly, but yummy.