Massive DonutWhole wheat Krispy Kremes are shaking in their frosted boots. There’s a new ‘healthy’ donut in town. Or at least, healthier.

Super Donuts, brainchild of former pro football star Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, pack 14 vitamins & minerals, and 7 grams of protein into each nut. And here’s the most important part: according to Franco they taste just like a real donut. They haven’t taken out any of the stuff that makes a donut taste good. It’s still a fatty, deep fried sugar bomb, but one with vitamins, minerals and protein.

They’re $2.99 for a box of 6 and he’s planning on rolling them out nationwide to a frozen food section near you. It sounds like a plan full of holes to me. Oh, snap.

Thanks, Caroline!

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    • skalt

      The Super Donuts have been around for a long time. A quick Google search turns up quite a few school lunch menus. This is pretty standard school breakfast fare.

    • Catanese

      My son loves these donuts! They serve them at breakfast at our elementary school in Chicago. I can’t wait for them to come out on the market so I can buy them for him. He looks forward to the Super Donuts at school, so hurry so the rest of us can share this healthy, nutritious item!!

    • http://Ultralowfatgourmetdonuts! Frank

      holey donuts

      check it out

    • Hines Ward

      I ate a Superdonut and my mouth went numb.

    • Jo Pa

      I don’t know what is in these things, but if you throw one in a bonfire it makes crazy green flames. Must be those vitamins and minerals…

    • http://BLKBOI216MYSPACE.COM reg

      where can i buy im addicted i need um i need umm

    • yvette

      For those who love spuer donuts you can but them at a warehouse store called GFS. They sell them buy the case ,you get 80 donuts for like $22 in Ohio don’t know how much it will cost where any of you guys live.Just wanted to share the info.

    • bigsexy

      i looked for this super donut at my GFS and it was not there. i even asked a manager and he got the stock person and they had no clue of anything like that in stock their.

    • jenn

      Super Donuts are the best. Anyone know where to get them in the Memphis/Arkansas area?

    • latunkya caple

      i want to order a case of them super donuts

    • Tamie Wills

      Hello Everyone! I work for R Super Foods, the retail division of Super Bakery and I wanted to give thos who love our products a heads up of where they are available. Currently we retail our products in four cities: Cleveland, Pittsburgh, State College, and Chicago. In Cleveland and Pittsburgh you can find them at your local Giant Eagle, in Chicago you can find them at your local Jewel,and in State College, PA you can find them at your local Giant. They are located in the frozen food section.

      Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions.

      Thank you,


      • Marisol

        Hello Tamie:
        i know its been over 3 years since yout post about Super Dounts, but i hope you can still help me. :)
        The Super Donut that I remember back in middle school was a donut that was served warm , very moist, and sweet. this donut came in an individual plastic wrapper. Is this the same donut they sell at Because from the picture on the website, they look like the’re plain and slightly sweet. I also wanted to ask you if they sell them in Miami, Florida, I heard that they carrie them at Sam’s Club, but i dont know if thats true. please let me know if they are the same donuts im thinking about?thank you hope to hear from you soon! Marisol

    • tim pearson

      they are avalible at gfs a case for 28.00 dollars

    • miche

      where can you get super donuts in los angeles, ca?

    • Diana

      I work for GFS and we do sell super donuts. In fact, it’s one of our most popular items. Not all of the stores carry them, but any store can them in a day or two by special order. They are 28.99 for a case of 80 donuts. If the manager hasn’t heard of them, tell them to check again.

      • Lesley

        What is GFS and where is it located?

    • Ronald Money

      These Super donuts have been around for a while. WHY is it taking so long for them to make their way into grocery stores around the country? Why are they limited to so few cities in the North? Us folks down South would LOVE to get our hands (or mouths ) on a case or two of those jewels! They seem to be so popular and yet so unattainable. It really looks like there ought to be a website you could go to and order them. If Franco would just get on the ball (?), he could be one of the richest men in the country. Makes absolutely no sense why they’re so had to get. All the schools in the country have them, the military has them, so why can’t the rest of us enjoy these wonderful, healthy little concoctions?

    • Megon

      I grew up in Lima OH and enjoyed them very much at school. I wish I could find them in northern MI.

    • Big A

      They served us Super Donuts throughout all my school years in South Georgia. I absolutely loved those things. I really hadn’t thought about them much since i’ve been out of school, and that’s because they weren’t available in any grocery stores or anywhere else, or at least that’s what i thought. But thanks to a good ole google search, i found information from people stating that they were available at Gordon Food Services. Lucky for me, there happens to be several GFS near my home in Indianapolis. You do have to buy them by the case of like 80 though, but who cares. Craving fulfilled! But i to don’t understand why they don’t sell these in grocery stores nationwide. I seriously don’t get it.

    • mary mccarthy

      I can’t wait to try these. Franco, how is Lydell? The bigest man I ever knew as a kid.

    • chuck

      They used to serve these and the super buns at my elementary school in Paragould, AR. I loved them. I hadn’t seen one in about 25 years until last fall. My family and I were coming through a small town south of Pine Bluff and there they were…Super Donuts…on the counter. So, of course I bought one. It was just as good as I remembered from my elementary school days.

    • james

      The Super Donuts haven’t even been out that long. The company originated the production in 1990. My own county school system was the test site in 1989.

    • danielle

      I disagree. our school breakfast they served donuts called Superdonut. they were a cake donut with a thin glaze. They were vitamin fortified. They may not be this brand but they were called super donuts and had a logo with a super hero made of donuts. they were served as far back as the early 1980s. I graduated school in northeast ohio in 1995.