• Mon, Mar 12 2007

SensorfreshQ Meat Freshness Sniffer

Never put your nose to an iffy meat package again. And never have to ask yourself "when did we buy this, again?"

The SensorfreshQ™ Freshness Meter from Food Quality Sensor International is an electronic freshness sniffer for meat and poultry. Food spoils based on time and temperature. When the bacteria colony count exceeds 10 million colony forming units per gram (CFU/g), your meat has gone bad.

The SensorfreshQ™ Freshness Meter is your nose. Selecting either meat or poultry, just point and click. Green is very fresh, yellow is eat soon, red is toss it out.

Also available in ‘colorimetric’ stick on label format:

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  • Chang

    This product produced in which country? Who is the inventor?

  • http://www.colorone.com.mx VICTOR LEOR

    We like to know were we can buy the SensorfreshQ Meat Freshness Sniffer, we apprecied any Information about it. Thanks Victor leor

  • Cyndi

    Terribly sorry to report that it seems to have been discontinued. I can’t even find them available on Amazon or eBay!

  • Judy Anne

    October 16, 2009 I have found them at the Sur La Table store on Walton St. in Chicago – They have some.

  • Cyndi

    Terrific, thanks so much! Sur La Table doesn’t have them in the online catalog, but maybe selected stores around the country do.