• Wed, Mar 14 2007
  • Jennifer Miller

    Oh, c’mon, people! This is 2007. Stephanie March deserves to be identified as herself and for her accomplishments, not just as “Bobby Flay’s wife.” I, for one, miss her desperately on Law and Order: SVU.

  • Letha Brooks

    I have watched Stephanie March on L. A. Law and I watch Bobby Flay on tv all the time. I just recently watched a cooking show with the both of them on it. That was great. I just found out they are married and they worked together so well. Stephanie is good at what she does and Bobby is good at what he does but they are really great together. They made a good show together.

  • Riley

    Come on people. You need to identify her as Stephanie March, not Bobby Flay’s wife. She’s a great actress and he’s a great chef. They have great chemistry and work really well together. I really miss Steph on Law and Order SVU and I hope that the rumors that she might come back are true. That would be so awesome cause she’s so awesome!!!

  • JB

    she’s sooo hot. lucky ass bobby flay. good man though. happy for them.

  • http://BobbyFlaysWifeStephanieMarch Mary Lou Gamage

    I thought I recognized Stephanie March on Law & Order SVU and am glad to know I am correct. I think it is great to call her his wife, as she is, and an actress. Do they have children?

  • vashti

    nice couple i kinda envy her

  • nancy aldrich

    bobby flay’s wife looks blind. Is she?

  • Curt Smith

    You are so right. I watch all his cooking shows.Love” Throwdown”. And she is so great in Law and Order. I miss her too. I bet they do work together well, they seem like seasoned professionals in their crafts. Keep doing what they do well.

  • Beth

    I kinda hate Stephanie. She seems like a real pain in the a–. She was on Boy Meets Grill and she was not a very impressive co-host. She was trying to change what he was doing, as if she knows cooking better than Bobby!

    • sandra Behl

      HISS HISSS MEOOOW WOw litle’ jealous? my my my !!!

  • Brian

    Ithought they made a perfect couple! The way they knew exactly what was goin on. Ive worked in food service 4 over 15yrs and they worked like they could read each others mind. the thing that i missed about the whole thing is was the title if someone could help me out id really appreaciate it

  • http://www.myspace.com/brian_w27 Brian

    What show were they on cooking

    • heidi

      It was his birthday hsow 2006 she was giving him directions to the beef loin roast that she always cooks for his birthday but this time she gave him the info and he did the cooking.

  • Jessica Secrest

    She is probably quite proud of her husband and not offended to be known as his wife as I am with my husband. I only watch the Food Network and saw Bobby’s wedding ring and looked her up. I am going to watch her and look foward to learning more about her because of my admiration for her husband.

  • Heidi

    I KNEEEEEEEEW it!!! I watched n old show where she cooked his Birthday dinner and as an avid Law an order watcher totally was amazed! What a KOOOOL partnership. She really cooked cook but then again he cant ACT like she can. Was a superstar match up! Look it!!!

  • Tim Sweeney

    I saw his wife cook him a birthday meal with beef tenderloin that was cooked mainly outside the oven. I can’t find the recipe. Could you help. I served it once and it was wonderful . Please HELP

  • Curt Smith

    Hey you are so right. I love watching all his cooking shows and she is too too awesome on Law and Order. They look like they make a great couple. I love Bobby’s confidence in what he does so well.