• Thu, Mar 15 2007

West Virginia Legislative Setback

In a strange twist of events, the West Virginia breastfeeding legislation passed by the state Senate and House was vetoed by Governor Joe Manchin yesterday. The legislation would have exempted breastfeeding from the state’s indecent exposure law. Governor Manchin vetoed the bill due to a conflict with other legislation affecting the indecent exposure law. The Governor encouraged the legislature to resolve the conflict and pass another version of the breastfeeding measure later in this session.

Granted I am not aware of the exact nature of the conflict, but this strikes me as a colossal waste of time. Measure after measure in West Virginia has stalled over the last three years. Three measures proposed in this session alone stalled in committee and now the only watered-down bill to pass in the legislature is vetoed by the governor due to a technicality. A setback like this is a low blow. Let’s hope the legislators and the governor get their act together to enact breastfeeding legislation in West Virginia in 2007.

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  • Laurel

    Any news about legislation in West Virginia in late 2007/2008?
    Looking for extraction protection.