Great free fun even on a business trip

Washington DC is a great place to visit.  There is so much to do that we can’t do at home.  My family is here for a business trip.  But let me tell you what I have found to be my favorite things to do so far.

  • We are staying at my BIL’s house so watching my little girl play with her cousin that she doesn’t get to see very often has lifted my heart.
  • Sidewalks!  We live on the side of a mountain so walking on a somewhat flat surface with sidewalks has been awesome.
  • Hanging out with my daughter.  I don’t have to work and feel like laundry is ganging up on me.

That has been the best part of my trip and they don’t cost a thing!  Even on business (granted, my husband is working like a dog) you can have a great time without spneding any money if you look for it.

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    • Karen

      I hope I can go to Washington, DC someday.

    • kailani

      I’ve never thought about not having a sidewalk. Where do the kids ride their bikes and scooters?

    • Karen

      Kailani: I didn’t grow up with a sidewalk either. I did not grow up in a neighborhood. We had 3 acres of land and the guy next to us had about 8, so you can see why there were no sidewalks. When I was a kid I rode my bike up and down the driveway, over and over again. Since we had so much land, we could run around the yard and explore. I can assure you, my brother found plenty of mischief. ;) Kelly doesn’t have any sidewalks, but she has an awesome huge deck to play on. Plus she has a flat part of her driveway/parking area that’s large enough for play. You certainly couldn’t play on the rest of her drive way. It is super steep.

    • Linda

      That doesn´t sound too bad :) I would like to go on a holiday but then I try to appreciate everything around me instad. Have a nice time! :)