Pink or Blue Early Baby Gender DNA Test

pink or blue early gender test

About two years ago, the Early Baby Gender Mentor DNA test was launched. It purportedly tested for fetal DNA in maternal blood to see if there was any DNA from the Y chromosome – yes means boy, no means girl. Another similar test is now being sold called the Pink or Blue test. According to the press release, it is possible detect fetal DNA as early as six weeks all from a single dried blood spot. Accuracy is touted as being greater tha 98%.

You just gotta wonder about tests like these. First, is it really necessary to know so early whether the baby is a boy or girl? I have real concerns about parents who can’t wait for a fetal ultrasound to tell them; earliest an ultrasound can diagnosis a baby’s sex is around 11 to 12 weeks with the greatest accuracy after 16 to 20 weeks. Second, the Early Baby Gender Mentor is currently involved in a number of class action lawsuits alleging fraud, misrepresentation, and other improper business practices. Is Pink or Blue an improvement upon the Baby Gender Mentor?

I’d say keep your 400 dollars and wait. It’s really not that important whether you’re having a boy or girl, is it? (Tell me if you disagree.) I always thought I’d be mother to a girl, but now that I have a son, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to learn more about the opposite sex. And, boy, do I have a lot to learn!

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    • Kendra

      Dr Lei: Is this even possible? I tend to lean in the direction of fraud. And $400, come on, wait your 4 months and then find out. I agree with you, it is unnecessary. We get what we get. This could also propose more ethical dilemnas in the future.

    • Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD

      Kendra: Technically, it is possible but whether these companies are carrying out proper protocol, quality assurance, etc. I don’t know. Apparently not otherwise people wouldn’t be suing them!

      We are going to have unprecedented control over what we know of our children’s genetic make-up and what we choose to do with that information. The first thing we have to work on, though, is accuracy. These early gender prediction tests may not even have the basics ironed out.

    • wendy

      I don’t think it is THAT improtant to know the sex of the baby early but, come on worried about those that do? I have four children two boys two girls. We just found out we are having another baby amd I can’t wait to find out what it is. DOes it matter? NO!!! I am just so excited. I want to know what to call my baby. It would also help my large family if I could start to gather gender specific clothes for the baby. I also have a sister that just had a baby girl and she has a ton of beautiful baby girl clothes. If I don’t need them she is going to sell them. I think it would be a financial advantage to both of us to know what I am having. There are some pros to finding out early. By the way the pink or blue that I saw was closer to two hundred and fifty depending on when you want the results.

    • Shannon

      I took the pink or blue DNA test at 14 weeks. It said I was having a girl. I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks and was clearly having a boy. I’m still happy, but would not recommend the test. It was not accurate.

    • Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD

      Thanks for your comments, Wendy and Shannon, and congratulations to you both!! I also wanted to know the sex of our baby when I was pregnant. Nothing wrong with that. But I sure wouldn’t have liked it if it turned out wrong. I hear some ultrasound techs won’t tell anymore because of liability issues.

    • Mel Walker

      I bought a pregnancy test kit a couple of days ago (and, yes, I am!!) and the kit stated 99% accuracy on the side of the packet. The science behind the test looks very sound (the percentage is almost as high) but I only hear bad things about Baby Gender Mentor as a company. I am super curious if mine will be a girl or boy so am reading up on Pink or Blue more.

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    • alan

      i’m just a 16 year old, philosophy student, and i was just wondering if anybody has considered the ethical issues about this test? don’t you think, if knowing the gender of your baby six weeks into a pregnancy (when abortion is still legal) that this could lead to chosing the gender of your baby? certainly you think its wrong to get an abortion cos the baby is the wrong sex, or more accuratly, not the sex you would have liked.

    • Jane

      People aren’t gonna abort a baby just because it’s not the sex they thought he/she would be. Alan talks about this like he is a philosophy student instead of a mother, which makes his opinion invalid. There are a thousand different reasons why mothers need to know the sex of their babies if they can actually find out accurately (even from ultrasound), and None of the reasons have to do with abortion. Duh. Just reading your opinion makes me glad I don’t know you.

    • alan

      hmm, so what jane is saying, is that no one would abort because of gender. even in cultures like china (china is not the only one i’m sure) where males are valued more than females?

      Of course there will. duh.

    • Tammy

      The early-gender-detection tests seem to be attacked primarily because of cost, lack of necessity, ethics, and questionable accuracy.

      With regard to the ethical dilema posed by the test, you can still have an abortion at 20 weeks after having an ultrasound. There is a remarkable gender imbalance in China because families are only allowed to have one child, and they want it to be a boy who will take care of them in old age. The Chinese government is in the process of implenting social programs to assist families after “retirement.” This has been a problem long before the new test. In fact, the test kits cannot be shipped to China and a number of other countries notorious for abortive gender selection.

      With regard to the accuracy, I am surprised that noone has brought up the fact that an ultrasound is not completely accurate and many women end up with conflicting results. An ultrasound as well as the test are much more likely to be accurate when they detect a boy. If you don’t see a penis or the lab doesn’t detect Y-chromosome-specific DNA, it could mean that you are having a girl, OR, you are having a boy, but were unable to see a penis or detect the Y-chromosome DNA. The reverse (finding Y-chromosome DNA in a woman carrying a girl, or mistaking labia for a penis) is not impossible, but FAR less common. (I’m crossing my fingers right now because I was told by the ultrasound tech that I’m having a boy and I just painted my nursery…lol).

      Early gender detection is not necessary, it can be costly, and you will not know for 100% sure until the baby is actually born. The bottom line is, if you can afford it, and you are curious, take the test, and hang on to your receipts…if not, don’t.

    • Michelle

      I would love to know early but I am just going to wait it out till delivery. We just moved into a bigger house and I would love to know whick box of baby clothes to unpack. My sons’ old clothes or my daughters’ I am prepared either way, but I am so excited I think I might burst. lol This is our fifth and final child and myhusband really wants it to be a suprise.

    • Shelly

      I think its a good idea however with everything people abuse things and this case is no different.

    • Jane

      Look, you little teenager. I’m Past 21 weeks and STILL don’t know the gender of my baby, NOT that I care one way or another. It would just be nice to know. The facts are these: No Test is failproof, not even ultrasound. Women have to carry a baby for 10 MONTHS of their LIVES (40 weeks=10 months) so, it would be lovely if they could tell the sex, if for no other reason than to shake things up and give a them a little fun (puking and getting fatter is NOT fun!). Also, knowing the sex could help determine the chances of things like c-section (boys tend to be c’d more often). I’d like to have an inkling about whether or not I’m gonna be cut in two before it happens, thank you. I wish YOU could understand, Alan, but since you can’t, please stop trying to accuse mothers-to-be of wanting abortions when all they WANT is to know the sex beforehand. And a high-school student shouldn’t claim to be “a philosophy student.” Go to college before you drop the word “philosophy” like you’re some sort of thinker. You’re also rude and immature, conditions which hopefully you’ll remedy once you enter a place of higher learning and get your head out of your nether-region.

    • alan

      i’m in the victorian college of the arts, i am ina univeristy. i never said all mothers would abort, just that there will definatly be cases in which a mother does.

      you say i’m immature, yet you launch personal attacks against me and say my head is up my ass… hmmm

    • Jane

      So you’re taking classes at the College of the arts, huh? :) Well, that means you’re Waay smarter than I and my husband, who between us have 2 degrees, 2 minors, post-graduate work , and are twice your age (in case you can’t tell, I’m being Sarcastic right now). You didn’t respond to ANYthing I said about pregnancy or why one might need to know the gender, but then, why would you? You’re not interested in the ACTUAL discussion of gender tests- you’re interested in annoying mothers-to-be about abortion, a topic that is untasteful and inappropriate at this site, where MOTHERS-TO-BE (not aborters-to-be) are discussing their unborn children. And that’s why I’m NOT interested in talking about this with you anymore. My husband, however, points out to you that many young would-be philosophers make the mistake of thinking “philosophy” means “being argumentative.” Have a nice day

    • Sarah

      Jane, I think that your comments to Alan are both unreasonable and imature. Having a degree and being pregnant doesn’t in anyway qualify you to speak for the entire population of pregnant women in the world and just because it is beyond your comprehension that women could abort for reasons as petty as gender, it is naive for you to think that this does not occur. I am also pregnant and have 2 little girls, although I would never consider abortion myself and will be delighted whatever gender I get, I am not conceited enough to believe that my views are that of every pregnant woman. You may be interested in the following link as it shows that it is not only in China and India that abortions are carried out due to gender disappointment but even in western society it already occuring.

    • Sarah

      Sorry, not sure why but my link didn’t work.
      You can access the site by going to in gender (dot com), forums, gender selection debate and choose
      How far can gd go? I know it’s a bit of a round about way but hopefully it’s easy enough to follow as this doesn’t seem to accept web addresses.

    • Celeste

      I’ve seen some good results and comments on other sites about Pink or Blue. I just ordered it, and it was not $400. It was $264 for the 5 day results.

      I do not think that if the mother is just curious that it’s an “ethical” problem. Now if I was out to have ONLY a girl or a boy that would be different, but it’s not your responsibility nor the responsiblity of the government or the world to monitor my ethics or anyone else’s ethics.

      This is my 3rd child, and I have 2 boys already. I am simply excited and would like to know my child’s gender. Besides they offer a moneyback guarantee.

      Cost aside… if I want to spend MY money on a gender test, regardless of accuracy, why should it be anyone’s business as to the ethics of it?

      My pregnancy. My body. My baby. My business.

    • Sandra

      For Jane and Alan-
      I think that you would both be interested to know this. My husband is in the beginning process of doing paperwork to have a vasectomy because we have three girls and he really wanted to stop after two. Just today I found out that I am pregnant with #4 and I’m terrified to tell him because he would probably encourage me to have an abortion. (I know it’s my body and I can do whatever I want to) I think that the only way that he wouldn’t try to get me to have an abortion is to find out whether it’s a boy or not.
      So Jane before you go judging an innocent student on what his “opinion” might be, just remember that some people have different views than you do. He is just trying to ask a “What if?” I am praying that this will all work out for me and that I will either have 4 healthy girls or 3 girls and a boy.

    • Jennifer

      Wow Jane. I think you should re-read Alans comments. I think he is just asking questions and thinking out loud. You have jumped to a lot of conclusions about his personality and value. I would suggest that you open your mind to all opinions, not just opinions you feel are valid. I don’t believe Alan is pushing abortion at all. Open your mind. I am pregnant, and reading this makes me feel that someone who also has a higher education, is a female, and is pregnant needs to address your e-mail. I hope that you learn to be a little more kind and accepting rather than demeaning to someone just trying to learn. I think it is commendable that a male is on this site trying to learn and ask questions. Please don’t discourage him with this type of negative behavior. There are a lot of men who don’t ask any questions, or care for that matter. If you re-read Alans original e-mail, you will see that he is just thinking out loud. Give him a break.

      Best Wishes.

    • Liza

      My reason for checking into the blood test was that there are slight risks associated with ultrasounds (risks which are not well-known), which make me question whether I should have one done for such a trivial reason as to find out the sex of my baby. But a blood test is non-invasive to the baby, and, if it were quite accurate, might be a good test to use. And, while I would never have an abortion, I do believe this test could be misused by others. I think it is wise of the company not to provide the test in China and India. My reasons for wanting to know ahead of time are similar to some stated earlier, like getting the right clothes together, or planning which room the baby will use (we have four boys and a girl right now). We will be happy no matter what we’re having, of course!

      Sandra, I’m agreeing with you in prayer for a good outcome, but mostly for a change of heart in your husband. My husband was done at two. ;-) We’re expecting our sixth in December. BTW, check out dontfixit (dot) org for important information about vasectomies.

    • http://genetics boyorgirl

      I definitely agree that there are some ethical issues here… I have a friend who has a child with a gender specific genetic disorder. This test is unfortunately going to persuade her to have an abortion or not with her next pregnancy. She is trying to get pregnant. When she becomes pregnant she will take this test. If it comes back a boy (carrier of said genetic disorder) she plans to abort. I don’t think it is ethical. The test could be incorrect. I think that if you are planning to have a child, you should be content no matter what the sex. In the case of gentic disorders, in vitro and PGD, though costly and still questionable ethics, is a much better alternative than abortion.

    • Natalia

      Jane, u really need to check ur hormones and I’m not being a jerk I mean it in sisterly love. U got way to emtional way to quickly over someone’s oppinion.

      I am 11 weeks pregers today with my second baby and I know what those hormones can do to us and how it can make us over “feel” certain issue. Ur acting very irrational for a person with so many degrees. I thought the more educated a person was the more open minded they would be. Well I guess I learned something new.

      As far as Alan goes I agree one hundred percent. I def. know ppl. who would have an abortion if they weren’t getting the gender of baby they wanted. Especially ppl. who are used to controling all aspects of their lives. They have a set immage for what their life should look like and they are willing to do just what they have to do to achieve that dream. Even if it’s something immoral or irrational.

      I personaly am hoping for a little girl this time around, because I have an amazing little boy already but if God chooses to allow me to have another little boy then I know that my son needed a little brother for now and not a little sister and I would be happy with another little boy. Mainly I am hoping for a little girl for my husband who despertly wants to have a princess of his own (like all his other friends and also because my father-in-law always wanted a daughter and had three boys) As far as I go I could have a hundred boys. My son is my all.

    • Natalia

      Ps. Alan never said knowing the gender of a baby was a bad idea he just questioned if it was a good idea at 6 weeks when it would be legal to abort…

      I can’t stand when ppl. read half of something then throw a fit. Plus any one with or with out a uterus is entitled to their opinion. Saying that because Alan is male, 16 and not a mother is a real lame reason not to listen. Further more Alan seems alot more mature then Jane even though she and her husband have all those degrees are twice his age and are pregnant (at least those are her words).

      That kind of behavior (Jane’s) makes me embarresed to be a woman, pregnant, and a mother.. Yuk!

    • Chasta

      I took the early gender test with the website I took it at 8 weeks, results were boy. I was asked by the company to take it again for more “accurate” results at 9 weeks (they had concerns my first test may have been contaiminated) – the results were boy, I was told by the technician there that this was a “clean specimen and without a doubt it is a boy”. I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks that showed I am having a girl. I am now 25 weeks and it is definately a girl. I called pink or blue and was given many reasons on why the test results were not accurate. I was asked to take the test for the thrid time, if it shows girl I will get a refund now, if it shows boy I will have to wait until the baby is born. I would not recommend this test to anyone, as it clearly is not accurate! The tech told me they have 95% accuarcy. She said herself personally she sees about 1 inaccurate result a week. The website says 99% accuracy which is NOT true. The tech even agreed with me that this needed to be removed from their website.

    • http://GeneticsandHealth Penny

      Thanks for letting us know about your experience Chasta. I’m sure you will love your baby to bits whatever happens!


    • Jane

      I still don’t like Alan’s opinion, mainly because 1. He’s not acknowledging, among Many Things, the idea that knowing the gender for knowing’s sake is perfectly ethical. Instead he’s insisting that mothers who wish to know the gender might be doing something wrong merely because of the time at which they find out (early). 2. He, like so many people, seem to be saying they have a right to shove their opinions down pregnant women’s throats, an action which, frankly, I”m tired of. 3. I thought this was a site wherein Mothers, or even Fathers-to-be could discuss a simple gender test for their babies. I’m Soooo sickened and tired of abortion coming up when people get pregnant or talk about pregnancy. I find the topic offensive, especially coming from someone whose experience with the topic comes from the classroom, at best. Also, Nathalia, or whatever your name is, I read Every Part Of Alan’s Comments numerous times, expecting him to make a point I could recognize as not trying to irritate me but to clarify the real discussion here, but I came up empty. So don’t accuse ME of not paying attention to content or being immature. I am a grown woman who doesn’t care what you or any kid thinks about my opinion, or the offensive topic of abortion, for that matter.

    • http://GeneticsandHealth Penny


      I think we should agree to use this blog as a forum for discussing the pros and cons of knowing a baby’s gender sooner than conventional scanning allows.

      The topic of abortion can become quite inflammatory.

      I for one have two kids and couldn’t wait to know both babies genders … but I waited for the scans.

      I have not carried out much research into this test but have heard similar tales of ‘wrong’ results. I believe ‘wrong’ results are more common than we are led to believe.

      My recommendation is wait a few more weeks and get your result from your free scan. I know some hospitals are not giving out an opinion for fear of what I class as ‘compensationitis’. But, hey, your body, your baby, your right!


    • patrick

      My wife and I did the pink or blue test. We did it because we wanted to know the gender and are very excited about our first baby. We don’t really care if it turns out to be wrong…we’ll find out soon. If it is wrong they offer a money back guarantee.

      btw. My wife dropped the paper with the blood on it on our bathroom floor so we called them and asked what to do. They overnighted another kit to us, for a little extra cost, and gave us a free upgrade to the expedited results. They were very nice and professional.

    • Jane

      We’re back on point- Hooray!! I agree with everything Penny said.
      Back to gender-talk: As stated before, even ultrasounds are Not 100% accurate ( I think accuracy for them is around 80% from my research), so, although we have all these handy-tech tools, we should prolly not get too settled on gender until the baby is born. Everybody knows somebody who was told there were having X and actually delivered Y, or vice versa. We were told we are having a girl, so we bought girl clothes mostly, but our stroller is blue and so is our pack n’ play, and some of the clothes are neutral. We figure we’re covering at least half the bases that way (maybe?). We’ll not make up our minds fully until she’s here though, cuz one just never knows for sure. Still, I think it’s great to try and find out the sex if one is curious. We’ve moved cross-country in the last month and are moving again across the world (Japan) before the baby is 6 mos. old, so everything we could think to handle early, we’ve been and are still trying to do. Navigating a new town with a newborn and a huge shopping-list just didn’t seem smart to me, if it could be avoided. There are tons of things to think about and plan for, and having a clue (even if it’s possibly wrong) makes some of the preperations easier and more fun.

      Congrats to all the Soon-To-Be-Mommas and Daddies out there!

    • http://GeneticsandHealth Penny

      Thanks Jane

      Goodness, a lot of travelling while you’re pregnant! Take it easy, you’ll need all your energy for when baby is born! Oh and good luck in Japan.


      PS A tip … never, ever go anywhere with your daughter without taking a pack of babywipes!

    • Rhea

      Hi I don’t know if this test is accurate, after my first test I was told that it was a girl but because I did the test at exactly 6 weeks it was too early to be accurate, and I was advised to do a re-test. My re-test results were found to be inconclusive as there was only a very small amount of Y DNA found in my blood, so know they want me to do a third test!! I thought any amount of Y DNA resulted in a boy! I give up!!

    • Penny

      Hi Rhea

      I’ve just checked out the website and yes the company manufacturing the kit says any Y chromosome detected means a boy. Your results are most bizzare and need explaining to you. I suggest you call them up again and ask how any confusion has arisen.

      Good luck!


    • becky

      Hi ive done the pink or blue test and am really starting to get suspicious after reading all these comments. I always wanted a girl but the test has said its a boy, im happy either way and certaintly didnt think about aborting over that!
      Ive got a 4D scan in three weeks that will confidently sex the baby so I will inform you all then!

    • Penny

      Hi Becky

      Can’t wait to hear your results!

      Hope your pregnancy is progressing well.


    • Dazie

      I’ve just been googling the TMPOB test and have come across this site talkin about it the other is in-gender….. I did the TMPOB test at 15 weeks and got the GIrl result then at my 20 week scan I was told boy so phoned them to see about getting a refund ….. They sent me out a retest kit and said if it came back boy I’d get the money back if it came back girl I’d have to wait well I got my resultas last night and again it’s sayin girl !!!!! I don’t no wot to believe is the TMPOB test wrong twice or is my scan wrong !!!?????? If you read the posts on in-gender you’ll see how many of us got wrong results !!!!!

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    • Liza

      What did you think of your 20 week scan? Did you think it looked like a boy? Ya know, it’s interesting that the company is having retests done. I find it encouraging that at least they are not coming back with an opposite result (i.e. to match what you say your scan showed), just to avoid a refund. I’m very curious to find out if they were right and the ultrasound tech was wrong.

      We decided to go ahead and have a quick ultrasound done at 22 weeks. Looks like we’re having our fifth boy! :) Can’t wait to meet him!

    • Dazie

      I’ve another scan on friday so in a way I’m hoping it comes back differently and it really is the girl I’ve been praying for but if it comes back as boy number 3 then i’ll be happy too …. Yeah i must say they are very pleaseant and they have retested the second sample twice so that means 3 times it’s come up as a girl and they say they’re very confident that it’s a girl but i just keep thinkin about the scan but alot of people on different websites have said that they’ve had wrong results with it being the cord in the scan but i will definitely keep u updated when i have my scan next week ……
      Were u hoping for a girl this time and did u do tmpob yourself xxxx

    • Ashley M

      Just another comment to say that I took the test at 8 weeks – 6 wks gestation – and it said I was having a girl. Today I had a 20-week ultrasound which clearly indicated that I am having a boy. I can’t wait to get my money back!

    • dazie


      Have you done the retest for them to get the refund and if so did it say girl or boy ???? It’s just my retest is saying girl and my scan showed boy ……

    • dj

      I won’t completely disagree with Alan on thoughts of abortion .. i have a 3 yr old daughter we adore .. now that I am pregnant again I found out at ultrasound that it is another girl .. since it our last one we wanted a boy … i was certain before ultra that I would be happy and loving and caring whatever the gender … i am not at all prepared for the gender depression i am facing now .. and to be honest inspite of being a religious christian, thoughts of abortion, miscarriage, unhealthy thoughts pop in .. i know i’m a bad person for feelin this

    • Liza

      Yes, we were hoping to have a sister for my only daughter, but are happy either way. I did not end up taking the pink or blue test, since I had a 3D ultrasound and saw the penis clear as day. ;) Also, we could not afford both things. It was one method or the other for us.

    • Penny

      dj – don’t feel you’re a bad person, far from it, your thoughts are perfectly natural :) When I found I was having a second boy I went through the same feelings including grieving for the fact I’d never experience the joy of having a daughter to be close to, go shopping, share clothes etc etc. Now, I love having my boys and couldn’t imagine having a girl! Same sex siblings tend to have a great time together. I also wonder with my strong family history of breast cancer that my body naturally selected boys. Who knows? Good luck anyway!

    • Dazie

      I’m glad u didn’t try it coz it really just causes a lot of upset in the waiting and wondering …. I had my scan on Fri and again it was a boy plain as day so I’d say they got my test incorrest on 3 different occassions and I’ve had 2 scans confirming boy xxx

    • Amber

      I took the Pink or Blue test at 10 weeks and I was told it was a girl. I had my 11 week ultrascreen yesterday and the tech told me “not to hold my breath” about the results – that she had a patient last week that was told one thing and the ultrasound said another. I started looking for information on the internet, because I hate to say it, but my heart is already set on a girl. Anyway, I was reading that red blood cells and DNA can stay in your blood for decades – so that would explain inaccuracies for women who got wrong results if they had a boy previoulsy (the Y chromosome is still there from before). But, I can find no reason for it to be so inaccurate if it is a woman’s first child, or if it gives a girl result. I’m just really curious to see the REAL statistics of this company. All I’m finding on the internet is complaints about wrong results, but I guess if a woman got correct results, she would have no reason to vent her frustrations and warn others on the internet. I just want to know how many women got CORRECT results because I have a good idea on the number of incorrect ones :)

    • Dazie

      Well I have finally received my BOY result with my 3rd TMPOB test …… I can’t believe it took them till I was nearly 24 weeks to be able to detect the y dna in my blood test …. Well at least I can get my refund !!!!!!!

    • Laura

      We did the Pink or Blue test about 3 mos ago & found we were having a girl! It was fun to register for girl stuff that WASN’T all pink and to call our daughter by name. Well, we had our 20 week U/S today & guess what…10 fingers, 10 toes and a penis!

    • Amanda

      I carry a genetic disease and got pregnant earlier this year. Unfortunately for me it ended up being an affected male. It took until 15 weeks pregnant for me to get all of the results back. The termination was a horrendous decision to have to make this late in the pregnancy. The pain that I went through waiting was unlivable. Since then I have tried two unsuccessful cycles of IVF in order to do PGD( which screens embryos before implantation) and am out of options as far as that is concerned. Now I am back to square one and my husband and I have to try naturally again. I have come across some of this discussion purely by coincidence and was excited to hear that there is a test that can be done much earlier than a CVS for gender. That way I can avoid a painfully long wait and terminate if it is found to be a male at 5-6 weeks. I feel that in the situation that I am facing, that it is much better to know sooner if you are going to have a possibly affected child, then to wait until the pregnancy is as far along as 15 weeks. You can’t possibly know how valuable a test like this can be until you are faced with the very real and heartbreaking decision of whether to abort your baby that you want so badly, or to keep a baby knowing full well that you are bringing him into the world with a terrible disease.
      I think that when used for medical reasons and for the pure joy of finding out the sex of your baby, that this test is both innovative and acceptable. In my view it is less acceptable to bring a child into the world knowing that he will be ill his whole life.
      Thanks for listening.

    • Geraldine

      I did a DNA Worldwide test and I was told Boy,
      I have 3 girls and was no excited about having
      a son, so I was gutted to find out it was a girl
      at my 22 week scan, does anyone know how
      to claim my money back from DNA Worldwide?

    • 12weeksprego

      I have seen where ultrasound prediction on sex was wrong. I really believe it depends on the OB and his/her experience with it. I personally have been given the right gender of not one, but two children prior to birth. I have a boy 12yrs and a girl 19mo. My OB doctor told me with my daughter at every ultra sound after 16wks the sex, as to whether he believed she was a girl, he explained how he came that belief and showed me on the screen. I love my doctor he is great. But you have to understand that doctors are not GOD and they do in fact make mistakes. But it was sure neat to know, what i was most likely to be having, and i cant wait until that time comes again. I cant see paying 200+ $’s for a home test, it is just not within my budget, but if i could afford it, I too probably would try it out of curiosity.

    • Dazie

      Hi Geraldine,
      I got my refund from dna worldwide but had to do 2 retests to get it ….. They aren’t doin this test now so don’t no if u can get a retest done but I’d phone them and tell them what ur scan said …. Hope u get the refund xxx

    • Momma2be

      You know..some people have genetic issues that this could help them determine if they should go forward with procedures such as a CVS and so on, but I would not do this mail order. I actually contacted our local genetic to see if this is even possible to have done and offered to be their trial and error patient to see if you can in fact determine sex this early on. But for us who have gender specific condition, yes, it would be nice to put our minds at ease sooner than later…not for the sake of abortion or anything, but for the sake of knowing if we should move forward with more invasive procedures.

    • Amber

      I took the Pink or Blue test at 10 weeks and it said Girl. I had a sonogram today at 18 weeks and it confirmed Girl! So, the test was correct for me…

    • Jay

      Both me and a girlfriend of mine took the Pink or Blue test (me at 7 weeks, her at 9 weeks), and we both had correct results from it. It was good for me – it was my first baby and I couldn’t wait to find whether it was a boy or girl!!!

    • helen

      Hi Jay, what did they predict you were both having?

    • Momma2be

      My question is were you ever pregnant with a boy and yes, what did they say you were having. It sounds like this is fluke if they do get it right as people who were pregnant with boys previously could still have some of that in them etc…

    • Momma2be


      I too am in the same boat as you…Can you share what your genetic condition is?

    • helen

      This company has predicted ‘girl’ twice but my 20wk scan said ‘boy’. I’m doing a 3rd test with Pink &Blue mainly out of curiosity now. By the way my only child was born 2005 and was a Boy. No Y chromozones were found apparently in my 2 tests. Hmmmm

    • Momma2be

      sounds fishy…though boys are more misdiagnosed with Ultrasound because the cord is in the way…So its hard to say I suppose at this point…

    • Amanda

      Hello Momma2be,
      My genitic condtion that I am a carrier of but not affected by (because I am female) is called Hyper-Igm Syndrome. This is an immune deficiancy disorder. So basically if I were to give birth to a male baby with this disease, he would have not immune system and would be sick his entire life. Are you pregnant right now and if so are you taking this test? What is your genetic condition?

    • Momma2be

      HI Amanda…

      Like you, we have an x linked genetic condition and ours is known as menkes. It is a copper deficiency. I am pregnant now…and I dont think from what I have read it is worth to to take this. I have seen more bad than good. and according to the local genetics, this is only experimental at this point…it isnt even a for sure thing — obviously! Otherwise, I believe a lot more labs would be offering this. But I do want you to know, I have walked every step you have waiting out the 15 weeks:( This is catually my 5th pregnancy, 3 live births, but only 2 reamain with us:(

    • Chloe36

      Just wanted to add that my TMPOB results were WRONG. Said boy…but I’m having a girl!!!

    • Teresa

      I just took the test at 16 weeks…..the results said boy, though I’m really hoping for a girl. I have two fantastic boys already,and in the past year have had two miscarriages. I’ll be finding out on the 19th if the tmpob results will be confirmed. I’m not sure what to think anymore. I will love my baby regardless, but you can’t help to want what you don’t have.

    • Katherine

      I took the pink or blue test as well at 9 weeks and got a boy result. I already have a 20 month old boy and my pregnancy symprtoms are very different this time. I was certain that its a girl. I can’t wait to find out from the untrasound what I am having. I have spent $264.00 and feel like it was a mistake. Based on comments its sounds so innaccurate. My advise to someone considering it is just to be patient and wait for the ultrasound.

    • helen

      well, after having girl, girl, inconclusive and now BOY result after 27weeks DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    • Cari

      I am a crisis pregnancy center councelor, and council women on a regular basis who have or are planning to have an abortion. WHile I do know its possible that the sex of the baby could sway people into a descision of abortion, from what I have seen, the reasons for abortion are mostly life circumstance and lack of support from their friends and family. So regaurdless of the sex, they woud abort. But in a pace where abortion is legal, I think arguing over the ethics of a test that might encourage an abortion rather than advocating pro-life seems like a waste of time….BUt that simply an opinion and not meant to offend anyone.

      As for me and my husband, we have 3 girls and are now expecting another baby. In anxious curiousity on wether we would finally have that boy, or if we would have our own cheerleading team (HAHA) we ordered the pink and blue test. I do have a friend that took it with both of her boys at 7 weeks, and got correct results of 2 boys. My results (done at 10 weeks gestation) showed GIRL. But this pregnancy is also different (although all of them are diferent) and for some reason my gut says Boy, so I began to research on how many people recieved wrong results. I am now 16 weeks and looking forward to my ultra sound in a month. Thanks for everyone’s comments!! Its been helpful! I LOVE my baby girls and would enjoy another, but part of me hopes this last baby will be our little boy. We’ll see.

    • Cari

      Oh and by the way, if I had it to do all over again, I can say that I would NOT buy the test again, wether it turns out accurate or not. Even as I read the results and had confidence in the test, I still felt like I needed to see it to believe it. I now with I had the 256.00 still in my pocket! :)

    • Gwen

      I took the Tell Me Pink or Blue Test by Consumer Genetics at 6 weeks. We wanted to find out the sex of the baby because my husband was leaving for a long business trip and would not be around for most of my appts. Also, my first child was predicted to be a boy at ultrasound and turned out to be a girl! Ultrasounds are dicey because you may not get a good view that day or even subsequent days.

      My comment is this – I was Ultra careful about doing the test, stayed in the bathroom, followed instructions to the letter and did not let my husband even touch the package when it arrived. Even DNA in the AIR can contaminate your results – you must do everthing they tell you to obtain a CLEAN test. I cleaned and disinfected my hands and every surface where I took the test, kept the door closed when I left the test to air dry for 30 minutes. I kept my husband out of the area just to be sure (that goes for any males). Also, it says they will refund your money with a copy of your birth certificate. There was also some caveats posted on the site – so its worth reading of course.

      It was a joy for us to find out early – we picked a name early and were able to do all our nursery shopping together before my husband left for his trip. I am now 4 weeks away from birth and ALL my ultrasounds where we could see, confirmed Boy. We had 3 ultrasounds, including the predictive 17 week one (where they usually tell the gender) as inconclusive because of how the baby was positioned. I can’t imagine waiting so long to have prepared for his birth. We were able to custom order bedding for his crib that would have taken 8 weeks to arrive if we waited until birth :(

      I am very happy the test worked out for us and hope that people will consider the purity of their test environment when taking their test.

    • Heather

      Hello. I am 12 weeks pregnant. I took the Pink or Blue test 8-10 days ago, not sure. I hurried to the FedEx box after carefully taking the test as directed. I made sure that my husband wasn’t near it, and that my hands were clean and rubbed with the alcohol pads. Anyways, they recieved the test back last Monday. I got the results today, exactly 5 business days later. It says that I am having a GIRL. I’ve read a lot of the comments. I see a few people that took the test too early. It clearly states that you must be 7 weeks pregnant, not 6 silly! I am not going to ruch out and buy pink. I was just curious and had the extra cash. We will see. I am interested to hear from more of you who followed the directions to a T, and if the results were accurate. I will let you know after my ultrasound.

    • http://commentforpinkandblue sangita

      I took the pink and blue test on 12 week and it said girl.I got a baby girl now.any way its right for me.

    • Dazie

      Hi Heather,
      I’m sure uv seen my earlier posts but just thought I’d reply to u ….. I took the test first time about 14 weeks so well into the preg it came back girl then I had mt scan which said boy so retested and again girl …. I had to return to the hospital for a rescan as all the anatomy wasn’t seen and again they said boy so my final test was at abouty 22 weeks and eventually said boy so I really have no faith in this test at all ….. Hopefully it’ll be correct for u tho xxx

    • Gwen

      to Heather,

      Yes, you’re absolutely right – the site says 7, but it is LMP (last menstrual period) I was under the care of repro specialist and we happened to know my LH surge date/estimated date of conception, etc – so I was actually 6 weeks pregnant, around 7-8 weeks LMP. So, yes you do have to wait till you’re around 7 weeks LMP (5-6 actual). Didn’t mean to mislead – Thanks for pointing that out :)

    • Cari

      Hi everyone,
      I was just stopping back by to see if anyone else has had wrong results. It looks like the majority are getting good results. I am 19.5 weeks now, and have a sono scheduled for next week (the 2nd) I am sure the test was correct in predicting Girl, but once again I have to say that it has not at all eased my curiousity…I am still for some reason holding on to that possibility that it may be incorrect and there is a boy swimming around in here…I am sure thats only wishful thinking. But, I do still stand by my earlier comment that I would NOT buy the test again. It did not give me the assurity and peace of mind of knowing like i had hoped it would…Like I said, I need to SEE it to believe it. 256.00 (i believe is what it cost me) and I could have saved that for a good old spa day! :) HAHA.

    • Teresa

      I posted back in Nov. and my TMPOB result was boy. At my 20 week ultrasound, (6 weeks ago) the tech was very sure we have our first little girl. That test was the worst thing I could have done…it really messes with your emotions, and even though the tech was very sure, I’m havin a 2nd ultrasound done Mon. (26 1/2 weeks) just to assure myself, because those results are still in the back of my head. Personally, I would never buy anything in advance after doing this test. And truthfully, I still haven’t. I do have things picked out, but I will feel better about everything after Monday. That test I believe is truly a 50-50 guess at being right. I even read about one woman who ordered a retest and gave it to a friend to take ( who wasn’t even pregnant) and it said boy!!!!

    • Teresa

      I posted back in Nov. and my TMPOB result was boy. At my 20 week ultrasound, (6 weeks ago) the tech was very sure we have our first little girl. That test was the worst thing I could have done…it really messes with your emotions, and even though the tech was very sure, I’m having a 2nd ultrasound done Mon. (26 1/2 weeks) just to assure myself, because those results are still in the back of my head. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have patiently waited. Personally, I would never buy anything in advance after doing this test. And truthfully, I still haven’t. Believe me, my eyes have been doing a whole lot of shopping…it’s opened up a whole new section in clothing stores for me, since I do have two boys. I do have things picked out, but I will feel better about everything after Monday. That test I believe is truly a 50-50 guess at being right. I even read about one woman who ordered a retest and gave it to a friend to take ( who wasn’t even pregnant) and it said boy!!!!

    • Cari

      I had my ultra sound today 20wks 2 days, and the tech said she is thinking girl. She wasnt positive, but I figure if I already have 3 girls now and the TMPOB said girl, then she is probably right.

    • angela

      I took the TMPOB. First time I dropped it on the floor and when I sent it, it was inconclusive b/c there was male DNA on the white area. They sent another test for free and I made sure everything was sterilize and clean. I made sure no one came in, overall very careful. This time it said girl. I was stupid and started to by girl stuff. I spent around 2,500 dollars in girl stuff. Well, at my ultraound yesterday (only 16 weeks), it REALLY looked like a boy. I think I am having a boy.

    • Lanies mom

      I took this test, it told me I would be having a boy. i sure had a lot of boy clothes to return, when I found out it was actually a girl!

    • Cari

      Lanie, did you find out it was wrong by U/S or after she was born? just curious.

    • Teresa

      I just had another ultrasound (27 weeks) and girls was confirmed yet again, so tmpob was definately wrong! I did the retest and results came back boy once again. I guess I’ll have to wait until after she is born to get my money back now:(

    • Dazie

      Well just a quick update after 2 girl and 1 boy results I had my gorgeous baby BOY !!!!! last week …. TMPOB really do get it wrong …….

    • Liza

      Congrats, Dazie! We had our boy, too, on Dec. 5. I’m so glad I didn’t spend my money or emotions on this test! Did you get your money back yet?

    • to natalia

      do americans play into the “i want a boy” game? i know middle eastern people and china tend to.

    • to penni

      your body does NOT select the gender of the baby !

    • just 22

      do americans play into the “i only want a boy” game like china and other places do?

    • Cari

      Well, I have several friends who are just so badly wanting a girl, and I wanted girls with my first and 3rd, but my 2nd and this fourth pregnancy I was a little hopefull for a boy, but (and no offense to those of you blessed with precious boys) the little goys that surround me do strange things as children and so that desire changes. So no, I dont think that in general we do the “I want a boy” thing unless we have like 3 girls (like myself) or its the first baby and we want that picture perfect family of a big brother and his baby sister. But I cant speak for everyone. :)

    • Renata

      I work with reproduction in animals and have done animal IVF reseach myself. I believe I am having a good understanding regarding this test and will humbly place my opinion. I am aware of people that got it right.
      My understanding so far is that if you were never pregnant and the test is not contaminated any male particle from the air etc and the test says BOY it would be likely accurate. It it’s the same case but it is a GIRL you could have a false negative for boy because maybe your own body did not carry enough of you son’s y DNÄ out in your blood. If you had boys before and you still carry that in your blood you could have a false positive for boy. Althought test reliiabilty should increase with time i.e., 8 weeks gestational period, it would definitely increase if it is 8 weeks fetal age, that is, 10 weeks from the 1st day of your last menstrual period. In fact when I checked their web site they told me my best test date is actually 8 weeks of FETAL age!!!
      Points to consider:
      Ask you OBGyN, would the test reliability improve if you got a bigger blood sample drawn at your physician’s office?
      Are you willing to take the chances the test could be wrong. Remember, medicine is not math and 1 % error is statistically acceptable but if one/some of us fall into that cathegory we could get wrong boy or girl and that is it. It can ony be one or the other and it can only be a boy or a girl (assuming it is only one). If it is twins you need an ultrasound anyways
      I will definitely be doing the test. My mom is retirering and closing her baby store. I have to purchase things from her to help her and she cannot wait. As soon as I know better. However, I am willing to take the chance knowing I can fall within that 1% cathegory and won’t be able to say I wasn’t aware. Again, medicine is not math and hopefully I can donate or give the other sex clothes to somebody that needs and get the test $ refunded.
      I will post my results in the future. I am 8 weeks pregnant now (and the fetus is 6 weeks old). I will also be discussing this point with my doctor in a couple days. Anyways, I hope everybody that reads can just have good thoughts to each other… so that the “power of tough” can also help! Always think positive!!!
      Pleople that got it RIGHT, PLEASE come back and post you results sso that we can help each other with our decisions.

    • Renata

      one more thing:
      Just read in their web page under – science behind it:”Please note that the 99% accuracy rate does not reflect Pink or Blue®’s accuracy rate. Pink or Blue® is 95% accurate based on an internal survey”. Still think positive, but just accept the facts and decide if it is something for you or not.

    • JIlly Jilly

      Hi, I had a private scan at what turned out to be 15 weeks (when i went for it I hadnt had my hospital dating scan and thought I was 16 weeks) this scan said girl, the scan photo – which is not optimum quality shows what looks like 2 shaded area that the lady siad were the vaginal lips. I did the pink or blue test the same week and have just have results back which say boy! i feel realy confused – I have 3 girls already, and have never had a boy, I was alone when I did the test and followed the instructions. Do you think there is more chance the scan could be wrong as it was only 15 weeks, or they are just using guess work at pink or blue, I just cant understand how i would have y chromosome in my blood. This pregnancey has been very very different from the others too, i lost a lot of blood at the start which i have never done before and am so grumpy! i have also lost my appetite!. If im honest part of me would like it to be a boy, as this is the last baby i will be having – 4 is enough, but obviosuly will love her just the same if she s another girl! I seem to see lots of negative things on the web about tmpob, but is that just because when you get a good/true result you dont need to complain!!!! any help anyone???

    • Liza

      I did have an ultrasound with my first child, a son, which was around that time frame, and the doctor said he was 80% sure it was a girl. It is possible that the tech got it wrong, but it’s equally possible that the test is wrong. I’m very curious to find out what the truth is. Can you keep us posted?

    • Cari

      At 15 weeks, I would not rely fully on that ultra sound. BUt I am not fully sure of the Tell me pink or blue either, Ill let you know in May if it was accurate for me. :)
      I also have 3 girls and I did want a boy, but since being told I am having my 4th girl (also my last) I have found alot of peace in it. YOu will too no matter what he or she turns out to be. But my Dr. did say that the theory of pink or blue is legitimate, it all depends on the lab work and how careful they are processing it and how much of the babies blood runs through the mothers as each individual is different. :)

    • Jessie

      I ordered this for my last baby. It was WRONG!! We painted the nursery, bought dresses and we had a little boy! They did promptly return the fee, but only did it upon a birth certificate. We will not be ordering the service for our next child. SAVE your money and wait.

    • JIlly Jilly

      hey will def keep you posted! its quite a weird one isnt it, tho the more i looked at the ultra sound scan picture the more i think it does look like 2 lips!!!!! this could only happen to me, i have looked at the research into it on the web and in a book at univeristy and the theory is correct as you say, its just whether the lab is cosha or not – i was thinking maybe its just some man, who posts the results! with a 50/50 chance hes going to have quite a high success rate isnt he!!!!!! i have another scan on thursday this week so havent decided whether to ask again or just leave it and see what the stork brings!!!

    • Sksim

      We did this test and paid extra for 3 business day results. Today i was told the test was inconclusive and needs to be done again. They will ship another test kit today for a retest….i’ll keep you all updated.

    • Kelli

      I took the pink or blue (by Consumer Genetics) test at 12 weeks – the results said I was having a girl. I was beyond excited as I already have 2 boys. At my 20 week ultrasound, low and behold the baby was definitely not a girl! I was devastated because for the last 8 weeks I was planning and telling everyone in sight that I was having a girl. I called to get a refund and they said I had to take the test over again and then possibly wait until delivery to send in the birth certificate for proof. So, I took the test over again – really hoping to get peace of mind…proving that it was indeed a boy. They came back with inconclusive results?!? The technician I spoke with was very hesitant to answer any questions that I had. I am so disappointed with this experience and this company. Without a doubt – I do not recommend this test. It’s not worth it… financially and most importantly emotionally! If anyone knows other places to post complaints against Consumer Genetics please let me know.

    • helen

      please please do not do this test. See my earlier comments. they fail to tell you that the male dna gets stronger throughout your pregnancy. kept telling me girl until I was 27wks when finally detected it was a boy. Am convinced it is a total sham and make enough money geting a 50% correct result. another website dedicated to pink & blue is where you can see loads of disapointed people.

    • Cari

      Hey all, I am really sad to hear about all of your sad results, however I do hope that as time goes you are allowing the excitment of your babies (no matter the gender) to help you forget the trouble the test caused. Anyhow, we all knew there was a chance that it could be inaccurate, with anything there is that chance. Anyhow,
      I commented earlier about the test not giving me peace of mind and my sono not being super clear, well…at 28 weeks I had another Sono that VERY cleary showed GIRL! So, for me the test was correct, but if I had it to do all over again, i would spend the 250.00 on a spa day to relax, wait the 20 weeks (or 10 add’tl) and just have the sono tell me. No matter what they say, SEEING IS BELIEVING! ;-)

    • akin

      i will like to know if a baby will have dna from birth mother when egg transplant is done thank you

    • Monica

      I did the Pink and Blue test; I have a daughter and then two lovely boys. My daughter would really like a sister and I would also love her to have a sister and to enjoy a second little girl. I have been trying to get pregnant pre-ovulation- and conceiving a girl; I am afraid with the aim of aborting if it didn’t go my way. I thought my timing was right this time and was hopeful. But now I have got a “Congratulations you’ve got a Boy” result and I am not so sure I can go through with my plan. In any case; I would like confirmation of this result and I know I need to feel certain that I won’t regret my decision even if no girl ever comes. I read that sex can be determined on an ultrasound from 12 weeks – would anyone know about this?

      My partner is more than happy with the three children we have and doesn’t need any more children.

      Of course if I stop this pregancy I have no better chance of a girl next time either. I am 40 this year so I have to accept that I may never get pregnant again either.

      I am very curious about the comments about male dna left from previous pregnancies – I wonder what the chances are of this causing my male result?

    • http://tellmepinkorblue Tamieka

      well i took the pink or blue test around 11 weeks and it came back girl I really hope they are right I called them yesterday after reading everyones wrong results cause I had concerns but they told me they did have some problems in 2006 and some on 07 but they fixed the problem and all those customer got back there money and some ppl was just upset at the gender they gave so they try to trash talk pink or blue they really have been nice to me and i seen it was in the news so I went and ordered my test I will be getting an ultersound may 5th and I will let u all know if they was right for me

    • DeDee

      I’m really going to look for the test…and info on where exactly to purchase it would be great! I have three daughters and we are trying now once more for that boy… I want to test as early as possible for the sex of the baby just because my husband will be going to Afghan and I would like to find out the sex of the baby while he is still here iwth me… even if it is anohter girl! She’ll just be another daddys girl…

    • jenny

      Dedee you can buy the test online at I purchased my test in February and with shipping I spent $300.00 my test came back saying boy I have an ultrasound in May, I’ll post my results.

      Monica I read on another dna web site that a baby dna can stay in the mothers blood for up to 10 years.

    • Maria

      In my opinion, this test could really be a solution for the occasions, when the gender of the baby is not so easily determined while doing ultrasound investigation. As for me, i was told 3 times before 32nd week of pregnancy that i am going to have a boy. And then suddenly on 32th week it turned out to be a girl… and i felt like my baby was taken away from me… because i already USED TO THINK about my baby as a boy. Just a simple test could help me avoid a stress like this. Or, dear doctors, could you just SHUT UP and keep silent about my future baby’s gender instead or crying out that DNA tests are not ethical? I don’t think that a stress like this is really very good for future moms.

    • jenny

      pob was right for me, at 10 wks they said boy ultrasound yesterday said boy.

    • esther

      please how do i get my order made to me in nigeria and payment mode please.thanks

    • Teresa

      Monica, I would not at all trust the results of the test. I have two boys and hoped for a girl this time….My results came back after testing twice and I convinced myself I was having another boy. My ultrasound at 19 weeks and 26 weeks both confirmed girl, and 4 weeks ago I finally had my princess. This test is definately a scam and I would not recommend it to anyone!!

    • Helen

      People, please read the comments above BEFORE BUYING THIS TOTAL WRIP OFF!! why are people still paying for this test which clearly isn’t “ACCURATE” as they constantly preach. Read my earlier comments about my experience if in doubt. If the male DNA gets stronger throughout the pregnancy (couldn’t detect mine until over 26 wks) then IT IS NOT ACCURATE. Please don’t buy this!!

    • manj

      totally agree with Celeste comments , my body. my pregnancy, my choice and oeverakll my FAMILY, what’s wrong with that to know what I am having babi GIRL or baby BOY, whoever is denied that they don’t don’t care what sex is the baby is they are kidding themselves and they are making wrong examples for everybody else! for godsake be truthful once in your life, everyone has a dream of balanced family and if you are telling that you don’t care, means you are not truthful to yourself or you don’t have guts to tell truth,be understand if someone is choosing to use PNB there is many reasons behind that not just want to know the sex of baby because I want to paint the room accordingly!!!!!!!!!
      be respectful to others feeling and family circumstances,any comments welcome at HEREWEGO20@LIVE.CO.UK

    • Rhea

      Hi I posted in August 07, I did two tests, first test said girl, they then asked me to do the test again as they thought the it wouldn’t be accurate as I did it at 8 weeks. My second test was inconclusive as they said there was not enough male DNA in my blood to give me an accurate result. They wanted me to do a third test but I refused and got a full refund. I then had a scan at 14 weeks which said boy – and it was very clear to see that my baby was a boy even at 14 weeks! I gave birth to my son in February, so the scan was accurate and as for Pink or Blue test, I really think that the male DNA gets stronger as the weeks commence in your pregnancy, so to get an accurate result from them you should take the test as late as possible which really defies the purpose of an early test because you can have a fairly accurate scan at 14 weeks, I know in past years scans were not always accurate, but with the technology they have now the accuracy rate is very high. SO DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE EARLY PINK OR BLUE TEST!!!!!!!!!!

    • JIlly Jilly

      hey monica, hope you decided what was best for you, i took the pink and blue test at 16 weeks, they told me congrats its a boy, i had a scan the same week which said girl, so i was realy confused, so i bought intelligender wee sample kits too, 3 of those said boy. all done at different times, the latest just 3 weeks ago, but in between that i have had another scan which said girl. i have no boys so the male dna cant be right for me, looking at the scan photo you can see what look like girl parts! i just find it weird that 3 intelligender and 1 pink or blue would all say boy. anyway whatever it turns out to be its due in 5 weeks so keep your fingers crossed the little mite is healthy for me! and i will let all you guys know the outcome!!!!! a boy would be real nice with 3 girls already but a girl will get just the smae love. it is a bit weird tho, i would like to think that they arent just cahsing in on new parents curiousity. we shall see! xx

    • kristi

      I took the POB test at 10 weeks and after having 3 boys, was told I was having a girl. Ultrasound last week being 20 weeks pregnant confirmed I am surely having a boy. I retested at POB request and the results now come back that I am having a boy. Nothing like messing with a person’s mind. I would not recommend this test to anyone, it’s a joke.

    • Lieca

      To address everyone’s questions as to why they get inaccurate results it could be due to the number of children you have. These tests prove far more accurate with your first child because their DNA is more prevalent and tends to present itself more than your second or third child’s DNA does. When you are pregnant with your second child, many times as odd as this sounds the DNA from the first can still be strongly detected, this creates conflict for DNA tests, and since X chromosomes are naturally more dominant in DNA testing and can mask a Y-chromosomes you may get a false “Girl” result if you had a girl as your first child. This test may state “99% accuracy” because in women who are meant to take it (first time around ladies) it is.

    • Sara

      A friend just told me about this test. I am pregnant with my second. With my first they told me it was a boy and I spent a lot of time decorating a boy room. When I gave birth to a girl I had to redo everything. I still want to find out this time, but it better be for sure. I would consider the test.

    • Jason

      Hi Guys!
      This is a very interesting discussion and I wanted to chime in with some recent experience on this front.
      As a proud parent to be, I was informed of a gender determination test carried out by a company called Urobiologics. They have a totally different technique of performing this test. They ask for the expectant mother’s urine sample to be mailed to them and inform you of the gender of the baby within 3 days! The coolest part I thought was that they can perform this test within the first week after the missed period.
      We decided to take the test and were hugely pleased with the decision. They were very professional and courteous. The cost at $275 was much lesser than the other tests on the market and the results they provided were absolutely accurate as we confirmed it in Ultrasound just a few months ago.
      It’s good to see such advancements in technology – it is a safe and no-hassle test and it worked fine for us!!
      I recommended their service to a few others I knew would be interested and the ones who used them have also had a positive experience and correct results!!
      Check out their website at

      Hope this is helpful to others.
      - Jason

    • charlie king

      i think people that get rid off their babys cause their the gender they wanted should not be allowed kids theirs people out their that cant have kids and you think its ok to abort a baby cause its not the gender you want people like people on here make me sick you should have your tubes tied i mean that

    • Sarah

      Just got our results back today from “pink or blue.” Needless to say we are dissapointed to find out it’s a girl (I’ve been crying all day.) Has anyone gotten wrong results from them? I’d really like to hear from anyone with a girl result that actually had a boy. I’m just trying to keep my hopes up.

    • http://genetics helen

      hi sarah, did 4 tests with P&B. first 2 said girl, 3rd said inconclusive and finally 4th test said boy at 27 weeks. I had a little Boy in March.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Helen, u’ve given me a glimer of hope. I know that most of these are myths (no morning sickness, dry hands, leg hair growing fast, bright yellow urine) but I have all the ideal symptoms of a boy. I just hope the test was wrong for me like it was for you, especially since I’ll get my money back too! Needless to say, I’ll definitely wait before I start buying any pink or blue clothes. Thanks again!

    • JIlly Jilly

      hey everyone, i posted on the 31st may, i did the pob test at 16 weeks and got the congrats its a boy test, i also had a scan at 14 weeks, this said girl, i have 3 girls already so i as realy confused and hopeful for a boy, so i got some intelligender tests too – i did 3 of these which all went cloudy green (boy) I had my 4th little girl just last month. So as much as it is very very tempting i wouls say steer clear of pob, i have never had a miscarriage/stillborn or anything like that, only had girls so why the heck would there be male chromosone in me??? and the same for the intelligender, i think its realy mean of them as they are playing with peoples emotions, thought the thing i cant understand is if they are genuinly scamming people then why dont they say girl – they could get out of it then by saying the male chromosne wasnt dominant enough or something. it is realy mean. my number four girl is lovely tho and i dont mind at all.

    • JIlly Jilly

      ps. all 4 of my pregnancys were different, carried different weight gained differently moods illness everything, so there realy isnt anything in the old wives tales….the only one i think that maybe right is the one about girls having faster heartbeats on the machines (over 140bpm).

      as a mum of 3 girls i realy realy wanted a little boy this time. when i look back now i was realy upset, as i placed more certainty with the scan result, but because of the pob result being boy i actually tried to convince myself it would be a boy and at the same time was realy realy down, cos i knew that i was probably going to get a girl, its easy for people to come on here and judge and spill moral high ground on whats right and wrong, it is lovely to have a healthy baby and we know that that is all that matters realy, but its the same old chestnut in that you want something you havent got, and it is hard. but let me assure you, any sadness i had for not getting a boy left the room when out popped the little girly, i actualy felt quite sad and guilty about it. so i understand you all when you say your disspointed and hoping/wishing for something other than what you have been told. try not to worry girlies!!! what will be will be.

    • Sarah

      I don’t know what to think anymore? I’ve called POB and they ASSURED me that they have 95% accuracy and that they changed the test from 8 weeks to 10 weeks to ensure the male chromosome can be detected. They seem so convincing. Can’t wait till the ultrasound, I’ll keep you posted. (I’m only 11 weeks now)

    • http://genetics helen

      Hi Sarah, please please don’t rely on this test. see all my earlier comments (and Daizie’s). It is a SCAM. they can guarentee that they get 50% right & only have to refund 50%. That’s a lot of money in their pockets. I was absolutely distraught when found out they given me wrong result BUT thankfully I adore my little boy and am happy it was wrong. Please dont rely on this. I hope it’s right for you but it is only a guess!

    • JIlly Jilly

      sarah, i know eactly how u feel, try not to worry tho, i was just as confused as you, as i just couldnt work out why they would ‘guess’ boy, it seems so mean if they are just guessing. im applying for my refund this week, and im going to ask them for comments about my result – as i was 16 weeks, i will post so you can see what they say. keep smiling xxxxx

    • Sarah

      Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging. I will admit, I wish I never took the test due to the dissapointment my Husband and I are both feeling. Ever since we received the results, we’ve lost our happiness over this pregnancy. Now the guilt is setting in. It’s easy for people to judge others and say how pathetic we are for being upset about possibly having a girl. Sure, I understand what they are saying and I understand that there are thousands of women out there who cannot conceive. Unfortuneately, the gender DOES matter to us. This is going to be my one and only and my Husband’s second (he has a daughter). As long as I can remember, I imagined myself having a bouncing baby boy and would love even more if I could give my Husband the son he has always wanted. He has no brothers and would also like to keep the family name alive. If people think thats selfish then so be it. We’re still holding on to the possibility that I got my boy in my belly!!!!

    • Sarah

      P.S. Helen—What happened to the 100% refund they promise if they are wrong???? Why are you only getting 50%?

    • sandip jain

      please reply me to my mail that if we want 2 do abortionthan it is not legal

    • Jasmin

      This is a message to the nasty woman who has the nerve to pick on a 16 yr ol named Alan . (Referring back to last years comments made.) Jane its very un-educated to critisize people for their opinions and especially one with a valid point. Take all your so called imaginary degrees and shove them because its quite obvious you dont use them.

    • Shelley

      Wow..this is all really interesting. I have just done the test and result was BOY. (I have been in tears since).I already have two boys and desperately want a GIRL.So now I don’t know what to believe. My boys are 3 yrs and 20 months..could it be there is still dna left from them? I have really felt this pregnancy was PINK. I do hope the test is wrong.Great to read everyone’s comments.

    • Terry Carmichael

      Hello Discussion Group! Congratulations to those who are pregnant, those with new children; and to those trying… keep it up! I am sure that soon you will be there, too. I am the VP of Marketing and Sales for Consumer Genetics – The Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Testing Company (, and a proud father of 3 young girls (5, 3, and 19 months). I have wanted to participate in this very important forum for the past year. I would like to answer questions and provide additional information as I will think fitting to these Discussions.
      There is one item that I believe is very important and probably not well understood by consumers of the Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Test.

      The Pink or Blue DNA Gender Test is 95% accurate in the hands of the consumer, which means that for every 100 tests the company does, 5 will be wrong. However, it is the most accurate gender test in the market, today. And the company is diligently working to increase the accuracy of the test. The test does rely on a DNA testing technology that is affected by i) a the limitations of a very sensitive test that is determining the presences of very small quantities of male-specific DNA in dried maternal blood spots, and ii) external variables such as the presence of male cells in maternal blood, contamination of male DNA during collection, and variability of male-specific DNA in woman pregnant with male children.
      Although the DNA Gender Test is limited due to these conditions, it is still the most accurate and reliable test on the market, demonstrating greater than 95% accuracies.
      Consumer Genetics does have a very sound method for predicting gender, and we are working to make the test even more informative, reliable and accurate.

      If anyone has questions or would like to discuss this in greater detail, I am happy to hear from you.


      Terry Carmichael
      VP – Marketing & Sales
      Consumer Genetics – The Pink or Blue® Early DNA Gender Testing Company

    • Jason

      Hi Sarah,

      If you are still looking to confirm the results, try a test with urobiologics (


    • Brittany Angel

      Hey guys so I am around 7 weeks pregnant according to my menstural cycle… I just ordered the pink or blue gender test it should be here in a couple of days but my eligibility date said i would have to wait until october 8 to take the test i am really hoping for a boy i have one little girl already and want to stop after 2 kids but i really want my boy i hope this test is as accurate as it claims but I’ll keep ya’ll updated.


    • sarah

      Hey Jilly Jilly and Helen if you’re still out there. I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and it is confirmed…..It’s a girl. So the POB was right for me.

    • sarah

      Shelley—-I’ve done alot of research on the POB test and have read countless comments (both positive and negative). There seems to be a pattern of women getting the wrong “boy” results who have given birth to boys before. Research has shown that remnant male DNA can stay in a woman’s bloodstream for up to 10 years sometimes, so keep your hopes up, you may still have your lil girl! Please keep us updated when you get confirmation from an ultrasound!!!

    • JIlly Jilly

      hey sarah! How you doing, i know i felt awful for ages, – ignore everything that everyone on there moral high ground on here says, its your feelings that are important. i felt sad for ages most of the way through the pregnancy realy, but i did feel differnt after the birth! if you need me let me know!
      ps. ladies, i applied for my refund in jyly 31st, and am still waiting for it………

    • Sarah

      Jilly Jilly— Thanks for the comment. I’m actually doing alot better with the whole girl thing. (I’m actually seeing a shrink about it.) I’ve actually been shopping in the li’ girl’s section of the store. I avoid boy stuff as I don’t want to upset myself. I don’t know what to think of this POB test though? There are times when I’m upset that I even took it and got myself so upset in the first place, but then again, I’m kinda glad to because maybe it gave me time to prepare and get used to the idea of a girl??? I’m just glad that I didn’t have to go through what you did (wrong results). What a way to mess with someone’s head! To them, it’s just science but to women like us, it’s our lives and emotions. I can’t believe you’re still waiting for your refund!!! Didn’t you have your lil girl quite some time ago???

    • Sarah

      P.S. BRITTANY–Did you take the test yet???
      SHELLEY–Any ultrasound yet that
      confirms if the test was right??

    • JIlly Jilly

      Hey Sarah!, I think you are right you know the time to adjust is better rather than wait to find out at then have to deal with plus all the other emotions/hormones. It is realy hard, i think i had prenatal depression you know!!! how dramatic!! ha ha ha, it was realy realy hard, so i completely understand you. keep going tho. its weird you know i hardly did any shopping at all before, i steered clear of both sections!!! but your best to not upset yourself like you say, i think you will be fine once she is here! did you buy anything nice for her?. and yep im still waiting for the refund, babe was born in july! heck of a long time or what, i chased it up about 2 weeks agao they said to give another month, it had just got sent to accounts! never mind, will chase up again in a few more weeks. when is your due date? i know what you mean about the test itself too, its weird, i honestly didnt think they would purposely ‘guess’ results or get them wrong i just dont understand it at all. it is a realypersonal thing i dont think we can blame ourselves for wanting to know. its all very strange!!! cant understand why mine were wrong, im going to save the ITS A BOY! certificate for something to giggle about in a few years tho! hopefully!!! xxxxx

    • Brittany Angel

      Hey guys… I did take the POB test and it said Im gonna have a girl I really want a boy so Im kinda crossing my fingers that this test is wrong but I have about another 8 weeks or so before I get a definite answer from the ultrasound so I’ll keep ya’ll updated


    • sarah

      BRITTANY–sounds like you’re in the same boat I was in. Keep ur hopes up though, there are SO many women who got wrong girl results because the male chromosome didn’t show up till way later in the pregnancy, unfortuneately I wasn’t one of them. Please keep us updated after your scan, I’m interested if your test is right!
      SHELLEY–You still out there? Want to know if your ultrasound confirmed your results?
      JILLY JILLY–That’s SO ridiculous that your refund is taking so long! They ship those kits out faster than you can blink but when it comes time to give money back, I guess it’s a different story. Did they just accept your ultrasound results or did you have to send a birth certificate too? The REAL joke are those intelligender tests, those are WAY OFF!!! Anyway, my due date is 2/11 and yes, I bought some very nice things for her (probably too nice, lol). I’m addicted to the Pottery Barn website. I’ve bought em out of their clearance clothes I think, lol. I guess I’m just thankful I didn’t get that “Boy” certificate than find out down the road it was actually a girl. That would have DEVASTATED me!

    • Annette

      Just wondering I am going to have an ultrasound done to see if my baby has downsyndrom and blood work as well I want to know if at 13 weeks will there be enough baby to see the sex just curious I was to know I dont wana pay 400 dollars this is testing through my ob doctor so I was wondering if they might find something we have 1 boy 2 girls hoping for healthy abd a boy to even out the scales my son and husband say we need a change in ballance but we really over all want healthy please respond if you have any answers

    • lainerz

      well after reading all of the comments i have decided to keep my money as even after the test i will not know for sure until the little bundle of joy is out!!!!!!!!

    • jilly jilly

      hey annette, i think they can tell at 13 weeks but will stress that it isnt 100%, mine was 14 weeks and it was right so its def worth asking about it. ask how much experience the sonographer has etc, and im sure if its a quite a little bit i would go with what they say, its def worth it – save the 400 on the pink and blue! beleive me!!! – ps everyone i am still waiting for my refund from the 20 th july

    • sarah

      Annette-Finding out the sex of your baby at 13 weeks is really pushing it. 17 weeks or more is when you can get definite answers. I was told a definite “girl” around 16 but she was right out there and her anatomy was textbook! The POB test only cost me $200 something so I don’t know why Jilly Jilly’s was $400 and why you were quoted $400? But then again, I didn’t pay for the express shipping and all that jazz. Just my opinion, if you really don’t care in the end about what you are having, then just wait and save your money. My Husband and I only forked out the money because we were initially planning on terminating the pregnancy at an early enough stage if we weren’t going to have a boy. If you plan on having the baby regardless, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

    • Crisd

      Sarah I didn’t think anyone else really thought that way. We have 4 girls and I will be 10 weeks and thinking about taking the POB for the reason that we don’t know if we can handle another girl. We REALLY want a boy this time and if it’s not??? I never thought I would actually consider aborting a baby because it wasn’t the sex we wish for. I am really confused and don’t know what to do. The POB test sounds so inaccurate from the results I see and I don’t know that it can be trusted for this important decision.

    • sarah

      CRISD—I wouldn’t put much in to these comments. Think of how many people got correct results (like me)? I would probably guess that there are more rights than wrongs but you just don’t hear about the right ones as much. At least if you take the test, you don’t have to worry about male remnant DNA in your system from having a previous boy. That seems to be the reason people get wrong “boy” results. I know there are judgemental people out there and some who just don’t understand the importance of family balancing to people like us but in the end, you have to do what you think is right for you and your family and screw everyone else! Ultimately, we decided to keep our girl because I thought, what if we abort this one, try again and just get another girl?? Was it worth it to me? Then I thought, what if I abort her then get my boy but he ends up being a lil’ pansy?? Believe me, my husband and I went through EVERY scenario and just decided to keep her. We’re doing much better about it now. I can’t imagine how you are feeling though with all girls thus far, it must be harder on you. This time around when you got pregnant, did you guys try the shettles method or other methods that are supposed to ensure a male? Just wondering and here’s to hoping you get your lil’ boy. Keep us updated if you take the test and what the results are!!! Good Luck!

    • Monica

      (sorry if my english is not good, is not my
      language) Please! Don’t think to do an abortion to a baby in your womb! Just love him and let him bring you all the blessing a baby could give you. 14 years ago I’ve got pregnant when I was 18 years old, I didn’t got married with my baby’s dad (he disapear), I accepted the baby because when I saw him at the Ultrasound (9 weeks) I saw a perfect baby and I couldnt think but in loving him, eventhough I was terrified because my life would change forever! Of course I lost my studies (for that moment, then I finished) and I lost a lot of things, but I gain so much blessing since he has been born. 3 years later I met my husband and he loved me and my baby. Now we have 3 boys and we’re expecting our 4th baby and we can’t wait for the Pink and Blue results so we can arrange everything for the new baby.

    • Liza in NC

      Well said, Monica. I know it was said out of concern and care and not judgment. :)

    • Susan in PA

      I took this test…they told me I was having a boy…later found out it was a girl thru ultrasound. And no, I didn’t “contaminate” my sample, even though that is the excuse they commonly use. I used sterile technique. My obgyn told me she had 8 patients tell her they used Pink or Blue and of them, 4 were given wrong results…and yet, they claim to be 95% accurate…yeah right, sounds like a scam to me. Save your money, Pink or Blue is just a clever gimmick, & they’re exploiting eager parents to be because they make up a demographic cash market.

    • Indu

      Dear Sir / Madam,

      With reference to the above sub, we wish to know about the accuracy of your test (DNA Gender Test)

      Brief History :

      My name is Indu and belong to India. I have two daughters with the age gap of 5 years. Elder one born 1999 and younger one in 2004. Now we are planning for male baby and wish to know the accuracy of your test to avoid any failure or abortions.

      I already had abortions in the years 2003 and 2005. My blood group is O- negative . My husband’s is B-positive.

      Should I go for this test ?

      Please also suggest us, which system is best for the separation of X nd Y and how do we adopt the same.

      Kindly let us know, where we get your best services either in India or abroad (Asian countries).

      Thanks & will appreciate your kind advice.

      Warm regard,

    • Crisd

      I took the test and it was 100% accurate. We are definetly without a doubt having a boy confirmed by 2 really clear ultrasounds and the pink or blue test said it was a boy from the earliest day I could take the test.

    • sarah

      Crisd—WOO HOO!!! Finally you will get your baby boy after 4 girls. I’m so happy for you and your husband. You must be over the moon right now. Guess the test was right for the both of us! I’m starting her baby book right now and I’m going to put the cute lil’ “It’s a Girl” certificate in there for her.

      Indu–They don’t send this test to your country for the specific reason of the stigma attached to baby girls over there.

    • melissa

      i’d like to ask all of you who are arguing about the abortion thing:
      what’s wrong with getting rid of it if you dont want it? if you dont want a boy-abort. if you dont want a girl-abort! who cares!
      abortions are the way to go…

    • Leanne

      I live in a small town where they will not say what sex the baby is during ultrasounds so I purchased the pink or blue test.
      I was soooo hoping to have a little girl but the test came back that it was a BOY. I went out and bought ALL boy’s clothes and even decorated the nursery. To my surprise on May 1, 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I would definately NOT recommend to anyone to buy this test. I believe they tell most people that its a boy and they “just hope they are right”. Save your money & don’t waste it on this test… doesn’t work.

    • Sharon Williams

      I see ladies get trapped with DNA tests just because the word ‘DNA’ carries lot of impression with them. One needs to learn from other’s experiences.

      I was under similar pressure whether to go for DNA test or urine test. All it took for me was to make couple of calls to see how impressive everyone is. Finally I settled with urobiologics because it is they who provided honest and perfect answers to all of my 17 questions and I am glad I did. Their work is commendable. They were the only one who said ‘we are almost 100% sure that their result would stand’ and it did.



      I took the Early Gender DNA Test and my test was “WRONG”!! I was told I would be having a boy and at my 23 week ultra sound it was clearly a “GIRL”!! I would not suggest this test to anyone!! Now I am trying to get my money back!!

    • Mell

      I bought the intelligender test at 11 weeks, actually I bought 3 and all said boy, I also did the pink or Blue and it also said boy, I have 3 girls, hoping these tests are right, but in a recent ultrasound they told me it was a girl 100%. I seriously hope the us tech was wrong, but if she wasnt, which I will let you know, then the tests seriously suck and I wouldnt recommend them to anyone.
      Regardless the baby has to come out and its there and my husband and I will love it no matter what, but I always wanted to have a little man in my life, well wish me luck and I will let you guys know what my next us saids in 3 weeks which I will be 16 weeks 1/2.

    • ms. duran

      I took pink or blue test recently. It told me I was having a girl. Guess what? I just had my ultrasound which confirmed VERY clearly that I’m having a BOY. The test is a piece of crap and I will get my money back.

    • Jennifer Turner

      I tried this test. It said Boy at 14 weeks. I went for my ultrasound and I’m having a girl. Does not work- do not trust this test, its just for fun.

    • Renee

      I got the DNA test from Consumer Genetics and it said “girl” and I was ELATED as I wanted a girl so badly. Don’t confuse the intelligender with the DNA test this blog is about, they are two entirely different tests and the DNA test costs at minimuim 175$. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on girl stuff. At my amnio at 16 weeks found out BOY! I am STILL trying to get my refund back!!!! They promise you a refund if they are WRONG but you have to crawl through fire pits to get it. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Don’t waste your money!!!

    • Renee

      I took the test at 10 weeks and it said GIRL. Spent hundreds on girl stuff, was elated and overjoyed. At 16 weeks, amnio said BOY. I am STILL crawling through fire pits to get my refund of 175$ 5 months later!!! Consumer Genetics is getting rich off of 50-50 odds!!!! Don’t waste your MONEY on this test. It is a SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    • Michelle

      I second the SCAM, SCAM, SCAM comments. Our test results revealed boy and we had a girl. After 3 months, I’ve finally received a check. It took me something like 6 emails and over 10 phone calls to get a check. There was either no response to my inquiries or claims about wrong addresses, “mis-filings,” etc. What I initially thought was a disorganized company now feels like an intentional ploy to take and keep my money. I would never recommend this service to anyone.

    • liz

      i want to know , in canada after how many minimum weeksof pregnancy we can find the gender of the baby and what are the safest week that we can undergo for the abortion

    • Jen Johnson

      Are you even human? Of course it’s worng! You don’t get to kill your baby because you didn’t get what you want.

    • Leanne

      Yes….definately a SCAM. They told me boy too and I had a girl. After all the hundreds and hundreds of $$$$ I spent on boys clothes and nursery decorations. THIS TEST IS A BIG WASTE OF $$$$$$$$

    • Meredith

      I wanted to let you all know that Urobiologics is trolling boards for moms. Our local board of in Atlanta was infiltrated… Posters “goingnuts25″ and “mummy2b1234″
      Originally “mummy” posted saying that she was wondering if anyone had used the service because she was considering it herself.
      “goingnuts25″ responded (from Texas to an Atlanta board no less) that she had and it was wonderful and 99.9% accurate.

      I then posted several locations where I had found women who were given incorrect results, refused the garaunteed refund and who had really negative experiences. I also found and cited locations where it was discovered that Urobiologics was owned by a METAL TESTING COMPANY… In addition I found information on yet another board where people who were using the system reported on the accuracy. (its safe to say that it fell within the marginal error 4.9% plus or minus from 50%) I suggested to women that they research it themselves AND talk to their OB or Midwife before investing in the product.

      ENRAGED Goingnuts tried to call me “crazy” and claim that I was “negative”. Upon searching her screen name I discovered that BOTH GoingNuts25 and Mummy2B1234 had been visiting several boards with the same scheme.

      Don’t be suckered, these people are scamming pregnant women and they are doing it KNOWING that they are lying. Who could possibly trust a company that advertises by lying to the public and pretending to be consumers? Be smart out there!

    • linda

      Who Cares? My Heavenly Father who suffered and Died on the Cross for you and all those aborted babies. Ask If He cares.
      God Bless You. I hope someday you can find your own answer to this question

    • Jessica


      Wow, that is totally horrible and a extremely evil way to think about children. What you have just said there completely does not give any justice what so ever on why Abortions are right or wrong. Killing someone based upon there race, gender is discrimination not to mention racial. Someone who says such a derogatory paragraph makes me wonder if you support racism also. Why can’t people with your mind set accept responsibility for “Spreading their legs” and I assume that you became pregnant with a mutual consent. Abortions should never be taken lightly, and should be used responsibly. Another way to look at abortion: It is unlawful right now to kill anyone you don’t like or want around. Its like saying Ex. Person A has parents who have broken up. The person A sees that his/her parents are dating other people and one of his/her parents are really hitting it off and decided to take the next step in their relationship- Their getting married. Person A says “I don’t want this person in my life, I shall “Abort” kill him.
      What you have just done there is extremely unlawful and you will go to jail. When it comes to abortion currently the law does not see it this way.
      Now when it comes to any woman who has been molested/raped and they want a abortion can it be construed the same way? What about the woman who has no money and is dirt broke poor and got pregnant what is she to do? These are extremely different issue and haves a different logical explanation to why someone would want a abortion. You however have spoken/written extremely ignorant. I would recommend you to keep your legs closed and to take birth control pills for as long as you believe this way.

    • Neicey

      I recently looked on line for a 3d testing center and saw a company that participates in a pink or blue study.

      I went in and they pricked my finger with and took six drops of blood on a card. I was told I would know in 10 days, and that the results would be followed up by a 3d ultrasound. I was 13 weeks at the time and now am 15 weeks.

      My Dr. will do another ultrasound at 20 weeks, so hopefully there will be no conflicting results.

      I think it is great. A lot of people want to know early as it does help you place a name and better bond with your child. You can stop saying “It” and say he or she or even call your baby by its’ name.

      There is no harm in knowing early. In fact, with today’s technology of 3d and 4d ultrasounds, you can see baby’s movements and facial expressions. it’s a beautiful thing. :-)

    • robyn

      Was your ultrasound repeated? Are you 100% having your 4th daughter?