• Fri, Mar 30 2007

Millet Mobile Phone Charger: No Need For Electricity

When our mobile phone’s juice runs out, we hurriedly rush to find our charger and make sure that we get the juices back to our trusty gadget. But with this new mobile phone charger from Millet, you sure would be quite happy knowing that you would not be using electricity. All you need is your own human power.

This mobile phone charger just needs a little winding up and it is created by Peter Storm. And since it is a wind-up gadget, you would most certainly be sure that it would be contributing to the pollution and the damage of our mother earth.

Another important detail about this wind-up mobile phone charger is that it is made from organic materials as well as recycled stuff. So everything about this charger is simply very earth friendly.

I believe you also can get a wind-up torch, solar radio and a lantern with this mobile phone charger. Now where else would you find something like this?

[Via Tech Digest]

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  • Praveen

    It Seems to useful but pls tell me how can I find??

  • Praveen

    It seems to very useful but pls tell me how can One find It and how much its price