The Sneaky Chef Cookbook

The Sneaky Chef Cookbook

Missy Chase Lapine was like so many mothers, dealing with children who are incredibly picky and won’t eat anything that is good for them.  So, how do you get you kids to eat food that is good for them, but let them eat what they like?  Simple, you have to be “Sneaky”.

The Sneaky Chef:  Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals is a cookbook full of recipes that that take kids’ favorites (like macaroni and cheese) and sneaks in things like veggies.  They supposedly won’t notice a thing.

Lapine is a mother of two and no one new to healthy living.  She has a line of natural baby products, helps publish food and health magazines and is a teacher of Culinary Arts at The New School in NYC.  Along with her cookbook she is beginning The Sneaky Chef cooking classes, demonstrations and workshops.

What is amazing is that most of the recipes involve a variety of purees.  For example, Lapine has a recipe for brownies with a purple puree of…….spinach and blueberries.  Yes….I know….spinach and blueberries?  Neighborhood children ate them up. 

You can order The Sneaky Chef at local booksellers or on-line at The Sneaky Chef Website and

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    • Erin

      My kids love the food. The Sneaky hef has given me a way to sneak vegetables in their food without their knowledge. Our twelve year old and friends eat the brownies. I no longer worry about them eating too many sweets. Even my husband likes the food.

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    • Eleanor Roth

      Dear Ms. Lapine,
      I would like to share my recipe for “Stealth Cake,” my chocolate cake that tastes like chocolate mousse. It really shouldn’t have the silky, smooth taste that it does, because it’s made with at least eight whole grain flours and pureed tofu, zuccini, and carrots. My granddaughter is a very picky eater, but she loves this cake. I make it as a sheet cake and freeze it in small amounts. One baking will last for a good number of Saturday visits.
      Please let me know if you would like me to e-mail this recipe to you.
      All best wishes,
      Eleanor Roth

    • Tracey Thompson

      This is not the Sneaky Chef site.
      To reach the author go to the link below

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